Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Mazatlan to San Carlos

Word of the Day: El aguacate (El ag-wah-ka-te)

Well, that was one heck of a long drive, but we made it to Totonaka RV Park. Great spot here. We stopped by in February with Al and Colleen. Guess this is sort of where our Mexico adventure began this year and where is ends as well. How fitting! I will show you pictures of the camp set up tomorrow. We were just too tired today.We hit the highway outside Mazatlan at 8:15 am this morning and with minimal stops, we pulled into here at 6:15 pm. Pretty much a straight through trip for 10 hours!! We did 2-3 hour driving stints so neither of us got over-tired!!

We went through a total of 10 toll booths (for all those complainers who thought one toll booth on the Coquihalla was too much!!) for a total of $577 ps ($49.05 Cdn). Remember, on Monday, on the Guadalajara to Mazatlan route we spent $755 ps ($64.18 Cdn). This is a grand total of $113.23 Cdn and a total of 17 toll booths......Pretty costly route but it moves you along very fast. Most of the roads are good but the last 3 hour stretch between Navajoa and San Carlos is not too great. Maybe they should spend some of that tool money here!!!

Anyway, here are some road pictures for you:

Allowing the corn to dry out completely for cattle feed.
Looks like it is a waste as it looks dead, but it's not a waste!!

By Ciudad Obregon...

 Makes me wonder why burning the fields is still okay...really screws up the air!!

 This is our version of air-conditioning. You fill a squirt bottle with water then lightly mist you and the driving person or both, and then let the air blow around you.
Works pretty good, even in 43.5 degree celsius heat!!! 
Yup, that's a bit too hot, even for us!!
Lots of Military personnel and Federales out today. I am totally in support of seeing them on the roads. In this picture below, there had to be at least 10 trucks of them went by. Believe me, they aren't kidding around either. However, every once in a while, you see them look at you and we always try and wave. without exception, one of them will wave back. Whether he is in a balaclava or not. So nice to see them out doing a great job. One of the reasons that Doug and I like being out on these toll highways. They are well patrolled....

Remember, always let the military guys go ahead of you!!
Kinda important that they are out front!!!

And, of course, Mr. Crock Pot performed flawlessly. We had beef, rice and veggie stew tonight when we got here. It isn't fancy food, but boy does it ever taste good after a day out on the road. Of course, it helped to wash it down with a cold glass or two of wine!!

 Almost in San Carlos... 

If anyone of you are looking on a map to see just where San Carlos is, find the big city of Guaymas, in the state of Sonora, on the Mex 15D (toll highway) and it is just west of it...
And in celebration of our Mexico time. Mr. Gus is having his first try at mashed avocado. I don't know, do you think he likes it??!! ...."Dad, I don't like it, I want to spit it out!!"
Love you, little buddy - We will be home soon!!

Boy, are we glad to be off the road now. Tea time is calling. Tomorrow, Mr. Bike Mechanic has to figure out why both his new, rear tire and my front tire are flat???? Hmmmm... 

So, tomorrow we will either ride or walk into town. It is about 2-3 kms away. Then we will have some pictures for you.
Cheers friends!!


  1. Nancy, I have enjoyed your blogs so much. Through your great writeups and pictures, you have allowed me to spend an extra month and a half in Mexico, without actually being there. I just have to thank you so much for that! I will be sad to see you cross the border but when I look at the pictures of that sweet little Gus,it makes me happy to think of the great reward you have waiting for you at home.
    So, enjoy your last days in Mexico and I wish you and Doug a safe and easy border crossing. Abrazos, amigos.

    1. Paula, thanks so much for your lovely comments. They mean a lot to both Doug and I! We will enjoy the next day or so in San Carlos but we are also looking forward to spending time in the USA. And as for seeing Gus and the rest of our family and friends, we can hardly wait!! Abrazos right back to you and Jerry!!