Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Mazatlan (Day 2)

First off, a very Happy Birthday to Diana Beglaw...our amazing sister-in-law. We hope that you have had a wonderful day!! Sorry we couldn't be there to share it with you. When we get back, drinks are...on you!!!

One would never know that those were dangerous rip-tides behind us. Can you imagine us getting sucked away with only this birthday wish left floating on the water.....
That would be stuff for the evening news...where did those Canadians go anyway??

Your favourite brother-in-law!!!!!
Word of the Day: El salvavidas (El saul-va-veedas)
                             Lifeguard (looks a bit like salvation, doesn't it?)
We did manage to get breakfast ready today and then get out for a l-o-n-g walk. Really enjoy the malecon here. The water is amazing....
A little quick camp set-up. Looks like it is just ready for someone small to sit between Grandma & Grandpa!! Notice we have no awning anymore? We removed it when the van was painted and we are picking up an "Add-A-Room" from California on the way home. Hopefully that will aid in quicker set-up and tear-downs!!  

 One end of the beach is really rocky and then it becomes really nice and smooth...

 All of that green is algae sticking to the weird, flat rock formations...

Looking back towards the direction we have walked. That big white building on the water is a restaurant. Our campground is about 2 kms further back from that building.....

 Red flags out on the beach means dangerous water and rip tides... 

They weren't kidding either. A lifeguard went up and down the beach on his quad
making sure everyone stayed out. In fact, a little Grandma took her small granddaughter
down to the water's edge and he was right over there warning her to stay back!!!
If that little girl had slipped in there is no way she would have got her out....

Weird because from this angle it looks pretty calm, doesn't it? The water was breaking farther out and then doing this weird swirling thing, all around....

 Okay, this is close enough for us!!
We picked up some groceries at the Mega store and then caught a pulmonia back to camp. Remember those from last year, the open-air taxis? Super neat. We should have them at home but I guess it might get a bit cold for some of the year!! 

Tonight we treated ourselves to a lovely dinner at Villa Italia. Bob and Danna - we thought you would approve!!

Roberto  we found you the PERFECT dessert!!!
Tomorrow we are LEAVING at 7 am. I know, pretty early for us, right?? We will head up the coast and should be in San Carlos, Sonora by the end of the day. It will be a long day driving but it is all on toll roads and mostly 4 lane divided. I have lots of snacks and cold water and sandwiches will be fresh made. Oh, best part is Mr. Crock Pot is coming back into action!!!!! Yeehaw!!! This will now make about 9 or 10 meals I have made for my $31 US investment!! Check it out "Road-Pro" on Amazon.
See you all in San Carlos - save us a spot, okay??!!
Cheers friends!!


  1. You guys look great! Only thing missing in the pictures are us.