Monday, 20 May 2013

Los Osos to Capitola CA

Well, what a great driving day this was. Only about 280 kms to Mike and Kathy's house in Capitola, CA. It was so nice to have a short driving day, after all the long ones we have had since leaving Guadalajara, last Monday (wow, has it been that long already??)

This morning, we woke up in the GoWesty parking lot. We were grateful that we could boondock here overnight and we had a very quiet night's rest too. We picked up our order and then headed out for breakfast at Celia's Café.
 Breakfast at Celias Café. Super nice spot in Los Osos....

After that it was off to Central Coast Autohaus & Tire. This is where we had JC install our suspension, springs and new wheels last year in March. When Doug discovered the small leak from under the front end last night, we were glad to be in this same town so we knew we could count on them to give us a honest, fair estimate of what was wrong. Of course, when we arrived, unannounced this morning, they put us right up on the hoist. JC got to work immediately to see what the trouble was. Turns out is was nothing major (thank goodness). It was only some minor problems with the CV boot on the front passenger side. We will have to get it fixed when we get back to Canada, sooner the better, but JC assured us it was nothing to worry about now. That was such a relief!! You know, it is a rare find this type of place. To be treated so well is such an honour. We are happy to have been able to come back and see everyone and so glad they took such good care of us!!
A big shout out of thanks to JC, Dan and Mary. Thanks you guys!!! You rock and we will come back to see you know it!!!
If any of you out there are in need of repair work please, stop into Central Coast Autohaus & Tire. They are located at 2125 Fairchild Way in Los Osos, CA (Ph # 805-528-4287).

 Oh brother.....

 JC, "our" mechanic at Central Coast Autohaus & Tire.
Nice that we have our own mechanic in California, right?!

 Area surrounding Morro Bay and Los Osos area...not so high, but so pretty.
The ocean is right on the other side of this ridge...
With that out of the way, we travelled through the valley north of Los Osos through to Capitola, CA. I never knew how much of the fresh product that we consume came from this area. We could not believe all the people out harvesting the fields of product. As far as we could see and everything you could imagine. Cabbage, strawberries, lettuce, etc. etc. It is also a beautiful valley full of grape vines for wine. One of the producers, J. Lohr has their home here. Such a great wine too!!

 So, so pretty!!!

 Mucho wine...I mean grape vines!!

Capitola is right near Santa Cruz on the California coast, below San Francisco. It is a beautiful, small coastal town. There are approximately 10,000 people who call this lovely spot home. We are lucky enough to know two of these great people!!

 Now, this sign was waiting for us in the front driveway!!!
(Zoe is one of Mike and Kathy's dogs) 

Kathy's Dad built this house in about 1959 - what a great house it is!!
We were treated to a guided tour walk of the Capitola area. This is a very popular beach town, close to the Bay area and San Jose. Lots and lots of people come here to enjoy the sea, sand and surf!! Here's a quick overview. I could have taken a hundred pictures or more!!

 Walkway by the cool!!

 This is like something out of a magazine!!

When you are walking on that walkway, you go right under the old railway trestle.
Everything is all built all around it!!

 Windmill house...

 Artichokes...I have never seen them growing before!!


Kathy's Dad, Phil Walker, was very involved in this town. He was the one who founded the little museum. I love it when people care enough about their towns that these things are important to them. It is so neat to be able to see this. Too bad it wasn't open today!! 


Gotta be a surfing town when people walk up and down the streets,
barefoot, carrying their boards!! 

 Gus, Grandma couldn't buy you this bigger than life-sized
green duck - the store was closed!! Next time, okay?!
 You know it was coming, sooner or later!!

 You climb back up the hill to where Kathy & Mike live. See the wharf, way down there??

 Kathy & Mike....some of the nicest people you will happen to meet!!!

 Street that overlooks the nice bay area...

 Look in the picture below....

Same cool big house. Kathy & Mike have this picture on their living room wall.
It is right around the corner from where they live up on the bluff!! 
 From the bluff, one more look at the cute little downtown area...

Mike's Dad restored a number of cars. This is one of them. A 1927 Chevy. A type of delivery truck. pretty amazing. What great work!! I think this should be in a museum, it's so cool!

What a gem!!!
Wow...what a great day with friends!! We loved every minute of it and can't thank Mike and Kathy enough for being such great hosts!! We can't tell you guys how glad we are to have met you at Hacienda Contreras!! Now, time for you to come up to Canada for a visit!!
Now, it's nightie night time. We will be trying to get on the road by about 8 am tomorrow. Our target is Medford, OR. We will see how the drive goes. I am a bit skeptical that we can make it that far!! Buckle up everyone, it'sg oing to be a long day!!
Cheers friends!!
(...and thanks again, Mike & Kathy!!)


  1. It was great to see Kathy and Mike again and the wonderful area they call home. Isn't it fun having friends from all over to visit? What a treat!

  2. I love the sign! You are right, Mike and Kathy are the greatest people. Along with Doug and Nancy, and Paula and Jerry and Pete and Madeleine and, the list just goes on and on. Is IS a treat, Paula. Love ya's and travel home safe. Hugs to M and K and the doggies.

  3. The sign was so much fun!! Thanks for the nice words, Barb! Miss you already!!