Monday, 13 May 2013

Guadalajara to.....NOT San Blas try Mazatlan!!!

Word of the Day: La decepción (La dee-cep-cee-on)

Let me explain....

Yesterday, I told everyone that we were going to San Blas after we left Guadalajara. We had heard about San Blas and thought it sounded like a nice place to stay. San Blas is slightly north and pretty much straight west of a large city called Tepic and is on the Pacific Ocean . Now, the only disparaging thing we had heard about it is the fact that it is more well known for it's sand fleas than anything else. Okay we figured, we can try and deal with that. Well, the town is not very nice at all. Very, very messy with lots of garbage around. The worse part is though that the park we were headed for was NOTHING like they show on their own website. What a huge disappointment. I actually think that we have learned that when you are travelling, things aren't always as they appear, but nothing prepared us for the feeling we would have in this town. Won't be going back there, that's for sure. I am a little harsh, sometimes, about things like this, but when Doug is aghast, then I know it is bad!! Oh well. Best to cut your losses at this point and drive the 53 or so kilometers, back to the toll highway and continue heading for MAZATLAN!!! And are we ever glad we did!! (see, we have learned us some things here on these travels!!)

Anyway, just some easy pictures of the day. Tomorrow, we will have a much better day of it, promise!!

One of the many toll booths we went through today. I think this could be one of the most expensive stretches of toll highway around. It cost us $799 ps ($67.92 Cdn) today.
It is worth it as it saves us so much time but if we had a large motorhome,
the cost could have been almost doubled!!

On the Mex 15D, somewhere north of Guadalajara.
Really neat volcanic rock, just left as is, where is...

 Pretty impressive highways, these toll ones!

 Skinny, winding road into San Blas. They were in good shape though.

Some of the indigenous folks, filling up with gas and trying to figure out what was dripping from under the front end. It was funny though because the little tiny lady came out
first and pounded her fists on the hood to try and get it to open. Then the Pemex lady
(in blue) tried and finally, the driver came out, complete with snazzy purse.
Not sure what happened after we left. I liked his purse......

 Back on the toll highway and heading for Mazatlan

 Just jammed with other cars, as you can see...

 Yes, I drive too!!

 View from our dinner spot tonight.....thank goodness we are here!!

It was a long, but uneventful drive here. That is definitely how we like it!! We went through quite a few check-points today. First, a sanitario for fruits and veggies (didn't have any on board). Then a Federal Police checkpoint and finally a Military checkpoint. They pretty much just smile at us and wave us through, all the time. I like the checkpoints. It shows me that the authorities are working hard to keep order and control. Great job guys!!! 

Okay, we are beat. Driving days do that to you. We plan to stay here for one more night after tonight and then we will have a really l-o-n-g day (about 9-10 hours) heading to San Carlos, where our Mexican adventure first began with Al and Colleen. Hard to believe that we are nearly ready to hit the U.S.A. but first another fun day in Mazatlan. Probably a beach walk (maybe even some sea glass collecting....shhhh don't tell Doug, he thinks I have enough. That's like telling a girl she has enough shoes or scarves!!!) 

Cheers, friends!!


  1. Sorry San Blas was a bust......but that is a pretty nice view you have now. We miss you! Safe and Sound in rainy Vancouver!!!!!
    Thanks for the wonderful time.....we know why you love Mexico so much!!!
    Danna and Roberto

  2. Thanks for checking out San Blas for us! The bad bug stories were enough to turn us off anyhow, but now we know for sure it's not for us.

    1. Well, it sure is NOT for us either. Too bad too because we had high hopes for it. Oh well, such is life on the road, right?

  3. Traveling days are just plain difficult. It's tiring even after only a few hours. Take it easy and hopefully have no more San Blas experiences. I hope you don't run into too much road construction - I had a lot on Hwy 15 heading South in January. I'm sitting on my bed at home - boy does this house feel large! Both kitties and Lacy are with me; we're happy to be home but already thinking about "Where next?' Love you guys. mp

    1. Thanks MP - Glad you and the 3 musketeers are home safe and sound....and you have a whole bed??? Enjoy planning the next trip!! (hey, you could come to Canada...just sayin'!!)