Thursday, 23 May 2013

Grants Pass OR to White Rock BC (from Wed May 22)

Drive went great. It is a bit of a long haul but was worth it to get back "home"!! Here are some pictures on the way back:

Beautiful Seattle...

 Rainy, beautiful Seattle...

 Haven't seen a sign like this is a very long time!!

 Welcome back to Canada!!
We had no problems at either border crossing, which is always nice. We had a very detailed list of everything we purchased, right down to the 1/4 bottles of alcohol. For us, it's the ONLY way to go through the border. Tell them EVERYTHING you have - way less hassle if you are the ONE car of the day they decide to check!! 
So, after 14,000 kms we are back home. We can't believe it ourselves, really!! First stop, of course, was to Gus' house!!!
 ...and here is THE chair!! Remember the chair story?

 ...and our new Mexican blanket.

 ...and I got me some new shoes too!!

...and now Mommy & I will try and read the Spanish book
Grandma & Grandpa brought back?!
We are very happy to be back!! Sorry for the late post, but I am sure you all understand, right? We will keep you up-to-date this next few days on what we are doing!
Cheers friends!!


  1. Welcome back to this great country or ours! Love the pics of Gus in his little chair! So, so cute! Enjoy your reunion!

  2. Am loving the Gus pictures, along with all his Mexican souveniers. Glad you got back home safe and sound. Love ya's.

  3. Glad you made it back safe and sound. Gus is such a lucky guy to have you two as grandparents. He is such a cutie, it makes me miss Cameron even more.