Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Capitola CA to Grants Pass OR

Well, that was one mighty haul today but all went well!! Funny, how once you get into "going home" mode, there is no more dipsy-doodling around. Just get 'er done!!!

We started out our morning at Mike & Kathy's place in Capitola. Such gracious hosts they are and such wonderful new friends. We feel like we have known them for a long time! Again, thanks so much you guys, for a great time!! We will miss you until we see you again!

So pretty here, just like yesterday's travels. San Jose, through Milpitas,
Fremont and Walnut Creek on Hwy 680N.

We crossed the toll bridge at Martinez over the Suisun Bay. It was INCREDIBLY windy on that bridge and I was glad that Doug was driving. I can't imagine what towing a trailer or driving a big motorhome would have been like! This bay has some Navy ships in it. It seems that the bay must be quite deep as the big ships were really close to the shore. This bay is just east of the huge San Pablo Bay, where the Oakland/Richmond bridge is.

 ...and on we go through the north side of that bay and up through Fairfield to Vacaville on Hwy 80N. Then we turned onto Hwy 505 and took it up to the I-5.
Somewhere along this road, I saw my favourite sign of the day, in a field. This says it all...
"You can't fix stupid but you CAN vote it out!" 
Driving up the I-5 through Williams, Doug noticed that there were rice paddies all through this area. Sorry, no pictures but it was pretty neat!! Still super windy. The next interesting area that we noticed was through Corning where they have row upon row of olive trees. I think I would like one of these at my house!! 

 Nice olive trees....

Maybe we should have stopped for a tasting!!!

We loved the flowers that were in the middle of the divided highway. Really
obscures the other traffic going southbound. They are so huge and really pretty.
They went on for what seemed like 100 kms.....

 Then we rolled on to Lake Shasta...

 Super pretty with that nice blue-green water, but hard to show you at 100 kms/hour!!

 ...and here comes the forests!!
 So pretty to see after not too much green on the way back home - it almost hurts my eyes!!

 Awww - but, no, we didn't see any bears!! But, liked the sign!! 

 Craggy peaks by Mt. Shasta....

 So majestic!! (not the flat deck - but Mt. Shasta!!)

 This is up on the pass by Yreka, CA - more rolling hills, but look at those skies again!!

 ...and here it comes!!

 Really foggy on the top of the Siskiyan Mtn summit. This is at 4310 ft.

 One thing I noticed is the smell of the rain.
I never thought I would miss that nice, clean smell, but I did!! 

 ...and super pretty Ashland, OR (just south of Medford, OR)

Soon, it was through Medford and we decided on stopping at Grants Pass. We did really well with our time. Hard to believe we left the beautiful coastal town of Capitola at 8:15 am today and here we are!!

The drive is really quite pretty. I am amazed by all that California has to offer. From deserts with soaring heat to the beautiful Pacific Ocean to the high mountain passes. It is a state so diverse that it should have it's own time zone!! We love it!!

Well, that's it for tonight, from the Shilo Inn at Grants Pass. We are going to try and make it home to Vancouver tomorrow. Not sure how we will do or what kind of traffic we will encounter but, very soon, we will be back home, safe in the arms of our family and friends (oh, and also that adorable grandson, Gus. Well, that is if he will let us hold him!!)

Cheers friends!!


  1. OMG, you passed right by me. I'm in Cottonwood a couple of miles off I-5!!! You just described my California! Anyway, welcome to Oregon and I hope the rest of the trip goes well. You'll deserve a nice rest when you get there. But, I'll bet you'll have to see that little Gus before either of you will be able to relax! Hugs to you both.

  2. Travel safely and enjoy those first hugs, amigos. They are so, so sweet!