Saturday, 4 May 2013

Bucerias (Day 7): LAST DAY!!

Word of the Day: Dejando (Day-han-do)

We spent our last day, like always, with a lovely breakfast at 9:30 am. Danna and I decided to walk into town via the beach while Doug and Bob did their collective computer techie things.

We hadn't walked very far when we came upon, what looked like, a SUP race (Stand up Paddle) For those not familiar with SUP's, they look like a surf board that you stand on and paddle. I know, such a simple name, huh?! Anyway, there was a course all marked off with buoys and lots of people (men and a few women) and lots of ages out there. Looks like fun!

 Everyone had to do the course, then run up on the beach and go around
the marker and then back out onto the course again... 

How cute is this??
We carried on and then walked back to the Decameron. Lunch......then more beach pictures and then more swimming pool. I totally know that we suck!!!!!

Later in the afternoon, I went back out to the beach to get more photos of the resort and I found that they now seemed to have a kite surfing convention. At least 50 were out there. It is hard to count them. A bit like counting fish in an aquarium!!

I almost missed this guy!!!
He actually gave us the "thumbs-up" but I wasn't quite fast enough!!!
All set up for a wedding, but look closely at the little pigeon. The guys had smoothed the sand all out perfectly and it was like this little pigeon had other ideas. He walked everywhere, leaving a cute little trail. Hey, maybe that's the bride's path into the ceremony??
Tonight we are off to our last a-la-carte dinner here. What else but Mexican Fiesta!!  Then, it's off to the nightly show, Cabaret Gala.....should be fun!!  
Great number where they were all like part of a piano!!!
Oh, one other thing. Hope Dayle Beatty doesn't mind, but I stole this picture off my FaceBook page. So, here's the latest Gus instalment!!!
I know, sometimes he is really quite amazing!!
...and that, my friends, is a WRAP!!! We have really enjoyed our week of resort-style living. I could get used to this quite easily!! Thanks Royal Decameron. We can highly recommend this resort for anyone to have a good time!!
We leave here tomorrow morning and will head back to Valle de Juarez and our "own" beds!! That will be enjoyable too. Valle de Juarez's town festival starts next week. We'll have to get laundry done quick and get ready for that too!!
Cheers friends!!

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