Friday, 3 May 2013

Bucerias (Day 6)

Word of the Day: Vendedor (m) or Vendedora (f)
                              Vendor or seller 

Wow, time has really gone by fast since we arrived! We can't believe that we are almost done our "treat-week" at the Royal Decameron!!

Today we walked into town via the street and then returned via the beach. There is a nice walking street that goes right out of the Decameron and is straight into town (about 1 mile)

 Hey, Euri looks pretty smart in his new caribbean teal
paint job, sitting right outside the lobby at RD!!
 Always love the flora and fauna!!

 Always love peaking inside these nice little private gardens and casitas.
This one was for sale and the groundskeeper let us in to see it!!


 A blank canvas, just waiting for an artist,
or is there an artist out there looking for a blank canvas?

 An artist found these walls though!!

Doug and Bob, heading back "home".
I do believe they are looking for something...

Of course, in town, as soon as you approach the market stalls, that is the end of your nice, calm walk. The vendors have a job to do and boy do they try and do it well!! You can't walk 5 feet without someone wanting you to buy something. I must admit, although I do like some of the souvenirs, I wish they would give you a moment to browse on your own, without saying "Hey lady, come over here, something good for you to take home" or our favourite "Come on, almost free today man"!! We are always polite and say to each and every one of them, No gracias, solo mirando, which means No thanks I am only looking.....doesn't work most of the time but hey, it makes us practise our Spanish. Here in Bucerias, you really do not need any Spanish to get along, neither do you need it in Puerto Vallarta. So much tourism in this beach area that Spanish is rarely spoken to tourists.These are just observations of mine and do not necessarily reflect those of the management.....

Most people who know me (...and I have discussed this before) know that I LOVE collecting things from the beach. Even when I was at work, I always had a glass jar, filed with sand and a few special things. Last year, I found some great sea glass in Mazatlan. This year, all my sea glass has come from Bucerias. What was interesting is that when we walked down the beach the other day, there was not much to be found. Today, however, it was a different story!!

 Could I have one sparkling water and one glass of sea glass??

 Many fingers helped in the collection of this sea glass today!!

We collected so much sea glass that a whale threw himself up on the beach in
surrender!! How convenient too, right on the beach volleyball court!!
After a quick, light lunch, it was off to the swimming pool by our building. Just for those who don't know, the Royal Decameron has 5 pools, scattered around the property. "Hmmm, where to go, where to go??" We tend to like the pool right outside our front door......

 Bob "photo bombs" Doug's pool shot....that crazy Italian!!

 Doug tries his hand at synchronised swimming - watch out
for that Italian judge, he's a crazy one!!

 My view of things...

 Danna. the bathing beauty!!
(Well, I hope she isn't actually "bathing" in here....) 

 Just hanging out!!

 See Doug's new friend, Iggy the Iguana. They are all over the property
 and are pretty tame. I think they are used to visitors...

Our new bathroom pet, Mr. Killer Bunny.....
Yes, that is a day. Really, one has to wonder why we spend SO much of our time working, doesn't one?? (All you "ones" out there, are you listening??)
Tonight we had Thai food. It was different than the Thai food that we've had before but it was really good. Caught the Rock 'n Roll show at the theatre. Such great talent in those dancers!! When you come to these resorts, be sure to take in the shows - they are well worthwhile!!

 So cute. On the last song, they had all the kids from the audience come up!

Missing you all. If you come down here, we can promise you will enjoy yourself!!
Cheers friends!!


  1. It appears that the shade from the palm fronds have already provided the perfect art for that blank canvas. Ya gotta love Mother Nature and all her surprises!
    I've enjoyed your blogs from the beach. Safe travels back to HC, amigos!

  2. Thanks P&J!! Gotta love the beach and all it has to offer!!

  3. Bucerias is good place, the beaches are cool. It is a tourist destination and very fun place to take your children. Now I wish to visit the Bucerias Beaches in Mexico next year and capture its splendor in the camera. Let me know what time will be best to explore this?