Thursday, 2 May 2013

Bucerias (Day 5)

Word of the Day: El teatro (El tea-a-tro)

Today we stayed at the Decameron for the whole day. I guess after venturing all around PV yesterday, we all needed a day off. (I know, we suck, right?) This is what it looked like, for the most part.

Our l-o-n-g walk to the beach....
The office for the day... 

 Hey, who asked those people to come into our office??

 Okay, Doug says they can stay...for a bit.

 ...and the traffic was terrible!!

Sorry, it couldn't be helped!! I know you all hate me!! This evening we went back to the Picollo for dinner. I think I explained how the reservations work. Bob has taken on the role of being the reservation guy so he is in charge of making it all happen. We like this particular restaurant. Both meals were good.

 Our travelling and dining buddies, Bob and Danna.

Each night, the Royal Decameron puts on live theatre. Every show is something a bit different. Tonight it was Mexican fiesta night. A celebration of fun, Mexican dances. As always, someone in the audience gets dragged up on stage. It was fun to watch for sure!! We have missed a few because they start before we are finished eating and then they are so crowded, there are no seats. We will try for another show tomorrow because we enjoyed this one!!

Adios - that's it for the night!! See you all tomorrow!!

Cheers friends!!

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