Friday, 31 May 2013

Back in Nanaimo

It doesn't seem possible that we left for our trip on January 23rd!! In some ways, it seems like we just left. In other ways, we feel like we have been gone for a long time. I suppose that's good!
I will catch up with our Mexico thoughts in the next post but for now, here are a few more pictures:
Grandpa explains the rules of wearing a "Dago hat" to Gus!!

Okay, okay!! I think I got it, Grandpa!!

 "The Shark" is ready for swimming!!

 Yup, we are pretty happy to see our little buddy!!
For now, here are the pictures from the ferry ride back to Nanaimo. We just "barely" made it on! Second to last car on the deck!!

 Pulling away from the Horseshoe Bay dock...

 Notice the decidedly different weather?

 Looking back towards Howe Sound. Whistler is up towards the far left, somewhere!!

Vancouver disappears in the background!!
Not much travelling this next week, well, maybe to the grocery store!! Euri goes in the shop for a check-up and a CV boot repair, next Thursday. After that, our first plan for local travel is to go back to Tofino! Yippee!!! THAT will be fun, right?! Not sure exactly what day we will leave, but you will know right after us!!
Cheers friends!!


  1. So, if it weren't for getting to see family...are you happy to be "home" or would you rather be back in Mexico...?

  2. What fun for you two to spend really good time with Gus - and the rest of the family too. He's absolutely adorable - oh, I mean 'handsome.'