Friday, 26 April 2013

VdJ (Day 59): Vampiros and Dinner

Word of the Day: Vampiros (Vam-peer-oes)
                              Spicy, orangey drink made with tequila

We had visitors sleeping at the bottom of our step this morning:

 Pretty cute little guys.
Doug came and went out the door 2 or 3 times and they never moved!!
We found out that Mazamitla was having their annual festival so we headed over there for a peak. They are really getting geared up for party-time!! Tents going up, bands, tables and chairs. First though, we had a walk around ourselves.....
Gotta love it when the band is led into town by horses!!
Of course, I think that any band with a tuba player is worthy of that!!
 This little lady was showing off her baby birds in a nest. Not sure if she wanted
to sell them or what. Wouldn't the border patrol LOVE that!!

 Very nice town....

 Very nice little dog on the roof, barking...

 I could say this was a very nice little portable store.....okay, it was.

 Call the media...Bob buys a hat!!!

 ...and he looks damn fine in it too!!

Still lots left.....

 Hey, you could use one of these to catch: of these wild ducks!!!

Now, back to the fiesta!! Vampiros.....This is a fun drink and you have seen the vampire that I took a picture of awhile back from a bar. Well, we got to try the drink. Not bad. It is made with a type of Mexican sangrita. It is a bottled mix you can buy made with orange juice and chili peppers. You add tequila, limes, salt, a bit of Squirt pop (like Fresca) and some of the mix (Vuida Sanchez brand is good). You can add cut up fruit for fun. Be careful with the salt as it can be overdone!! Often you see them served in a plastic bag with a straw in them. We were lucky, we got glasses!!

 So fancy in glasses and they were free!! Hey, why did we leave??

 Still putting the finishing touches on the electrical!!

 Doug likes them....

 Go big or go home!!

 Busy bartender!!

 Looks like it will be a fun time!
Danna wants to go back and see this band!!
After another hectic day at Hacienda Contreras, we headed into Sal's cousin's restaurant. Chema and Irma always serve up such a great meal and we love going there!!

Bob was very happy because Sal taught him the "proper" technique
of rolling up a tortilla shell, Mexican style!!
And, after several dozen attempts, Bob figured it out and now
he was full!! (Not was only 6 or 8 attempts....ha ha ha)
So, there's another day in paradise here in Valle de Juarez. It was sunny and about 27 degrees C (about 85 F.) A bit chilly actually!! Tomorrow, we have a day on the run! Breakfast at La Cocinita (traditional Mexican breakfast), then the Valle de Juarez tianguis, a trip back to Chema's restaurant to have him and his son, Christian, pack up some delicious carnitas for  us for dinner. What is a person to do!!
I know you are wondering....yes, tea is done!! Off to bed. Tomorrow night I will fill you all in on our plans for the upcoming week - pretty exciting stuff!!
Cheers friends!!


  1. I already miss la vida mexicana. You guys are having so much fun and I think Doug needs to reconsider his opinion of 'pets' as it's obvious the little guys want to be HIS!
    I'm oh so happy to have Internet! Amazing! What did we do all those years ago - pre Internet blogs and facebook and ? - you know like 2005!!!! Woke up this AM in sunny wide open Texas and thought, Hmmm good coffee, good blogs - what more do we need?

  2. ...and Mexico misses you and the 3 musketeers too!! Have fun in the Lone Star state!!

  3. Found your blog lady! Where is Sal's cousin's restaurant? We'd love to try it out!!!

    Diana & Mike

    1. Welcome aboard friends!! Check with Barb and Sal, they can give you directions. Hold it, should be on the map she gave you. It's called El Retiro. They are awesome AND the carnitas they do outside the restaurant on Fridays and Saturdays are the best!! Just ask for carnitas "light"...See you when we get back - hold down the fort!!