Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Villa Corona to Valle de Juarez

Well, I missed posting these pictures from Mazatlan.

Guess who this is for??!!
Once again, Mary B, this is for you!!!
And these ones are from Villa Corona at Parque Acuatico Chimulco. To be honest, when we arrived yesterday, I wasn't really all that impressed. All the pools, except one  for the RV'ers (which is a little one under cover) were empty. These pools are natural spring waters and are drained ech night and refilled each morning. It only takes about 3 hours to fill one of these big pools. This morning, it actually looked quite pretty. I should not have been so hasty in my judgement. Sorry!!

At the end of this area, straight ahead, there is a small lake with some cool birds on it. Not sure what they are, but I bet Mike or Terri will let me know!!

 Imagine, this pool was totally empty when we got here about 6 pm last night!!
This morning, there were even a few families enjoying the water....
Huge picnic area.....
Okay, okay!! I said I was sorry for the quick judgement!!
It's really quite the light of day!!
Anyway, we left Villa Corona about 12:30 pm. The drive is only about 2 hrs, not even. Pretty scenery on the way.

This picture is for my sister-in-law, Diana Beglaw (she is the biggest Pepsi fan I know!!).
See Di, there IS Pepsi sold here!! Except, this guy, below, was hot on his heals!!

We arrived at our "home", Hacienda Contreras about 2:30 pm to the open arms of our friends, Barb & Sal Contreras. Boy was it EVER good to be here!! I will take you on a small tour. More tomorrow!!
Our new home for the next few months.....pretty HUGE for us!!
Al, Colleen, Barb, Sal & Doug
Oh, and Neco and Bella too!!
Our nice greeting, on the garage door!!
Sal & Barb have done an amazing job of the upstairs amenities room. 
When we were here in the early spring, it just had the window frames in!! This room is above the main building. I will show you that tomorrow!
 You can just see the van behind the tree, just off the centre of the shot.
Al & Colleen are on the right-hand side, further down, with a lovely garden and patio area.
I will get a shot of their place tomorrow too!!
Maybe, just maybe, we will get back into those Scrabble games!! No make-up either! Not sure if the town of Valle de Juarez is ready for us yet or not!!
Tea is finished. Tomorrow I will show you the inside of our new place!!
Good night everyone.....
Cheers friends!!

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