Saturday, 23 February 2013

VdJ (from Friday) Day 17: Pot Luck Dinner!

Toady we, once again, didn't do much. We have a big group dinner at 6 pm in the clubhouse. We drove into town with Al & Colleen. The idea was to have tacos at that great new place Doug & I went to the other day. They were closed. We headed to the other one that we had been at that was also pretty good. Remember, Mexico is predominantly Catholic and Friday is fish day for Catholics. So, we had fish at the taco stand. This is always an interesting venture as it doesn't always come as you think, each place is different. the nice owner also brought us stacks and stacks of fresh ttortillas. Check this out:

They are little fish like tilapia. Pretty crunchy and very good, once
you got past the many bones. One thing though, it slows your eating down!
Sorry, I just couldn't eat the heads!!
Next door, the lady was making something different, I think maybe, they were a type of taquidos. She would put fresh dough into the little wooden press, add cheese then cook them. Look pretty good. I think we will try them next time...
Slapping the dough into a ball
Pressing down hard....
See the cheese (queso) in the middle....
Always fun anyway. Love it in town!!
Then we did pick up a few more groceries. I have run out of regular marshmallows so the only choice was the ones here at the mercado. They are vanilla and strawberry flavoured. They definitely turned out different. I also bought bulk chocolate rice krispie type cereal. This is the result and we will see how the gang likes them at the dinner!!
A bit on the pinky side!!
Grillers, at the ready...
Neco naps while she supervises....wait a minute??!!
Always lots of food and fun!!
Everyone liked the Mexican rice krispie squares!!
Isn't this beautiful and serene? (You could be here too!)
Buenas noches everyone!!
Sorry it was late, but now you know how our day went. On Saturday (that's today) we are heading for the tianguis (market) and then we are all going out to Mazamitla for a celebratory dinner for some anniversaries.....wait til you see that post, should be good!! 
Cheers friends!!

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