Tuesday, 26 February 2013

VdJ (Day 21): Pajarete!

Today we are making preparations to head over to the coast. We have some very good friends, Bruce & Cindy, who are holidaying in Nuevo Vallarta. This is between Puerto Vallarta and Bucerias. We will go over and camp somewhere close by (or do a economical little hotel we know of in Bucerias) and be able to spend Friday dinner with them. It is Bruce's birthday!

Can't start out even a mini trip without washing up Euri. First though, had to use up some really nice fruit before we leave, so I made us a shake to have with breakfast. All fresh fruit from the market. Yummy!! Oh, the best part of a larger rig is that it comes with things like a blender!!!

Doesn't he look sharp?
Oh, the other exciting news is that Euri is getting a full body work and paint job done in town. Probably at the end of April. Jesus uses special imron paint that is used on aircraft, marine and commercial trucks. Perfect colour match and guaranteed. Total cost you ask, including rust removal and body work: $1,000 Cdn - I know......beats the heck out of the $6,500 Cdn estimate we had done in Nanaimo. Yup, we L-O-V-E it here!!
Al & Colleen are also having Sunny, their motorhome, worked on right now. They are stripping off all the old decals and hand painting them on and repainting the whole rig in an acrylic paint. People here have had work done before and , apparently, the shop does an absolutely amazing job! They will pay about $2,300 Cdn for the whole job and are saving about $17,000 Cdn over the estimate they received in Canada.....should be interesting!! We will keep you all up to speed on how the process is going!
Some of us went with Barb over to Sal's cousin's small dairy farm in the next little town, about 5 minutes away. She gets milk right from Francisco and she pasteurises it herself. She gives a lot to the kittens here but also uses it for themselves. The benefit of a trip like this is that we get to try a neat traditional drink called pajarete. It is an old drink that the farmers used to have when they were up and getting ready for the day. They would also have some semita. Semita is a sweet, round bread that they would combine for a hearty breakfast with pajarete. Sounds pretty good to me.
First, we put some chocolate-type powder in the cup and add enough 96% pure cane alcohol (now, that's strong!!) to cover the powder (about 1.5 oz) "mas o menos" -> which means more or less. The reason you add the sugar cane alcohol is that it actually kills any bacteria that may be in the milk. Then, if you are good with milking, you can add your own milk, right from the cow OR, like me, have Francisco do it much quicker for you:
Cup ready....
Peter was pretty good at it!!
Francisco makes it look REALLY easy!!
Oh my gosh - let's see Starbucks beat this??
The modern dairy farmer, talking on the cell phone WHILE milking!
(See the stream??!!)
Fred fills up Barb's milk container... 
Francisco's small little barn...
Back at the park, Barb gets ready with the filter for the milk pasteurisation process.
That white filter is under that centre piece then it is pushed down.
Then you pour the mikl into the whole funnel and it drains into a pot below.
Ready for the stove and 160 degrees.....
 There was almost nothing in the filter....
Ready for cooking!!
It was very interesting for me. Being raised a city girl, all I ever saw was milk in the dairy case. No matter how old I get, these things always are interesting to me! Not to mention that it was very tasty!! I will be happy if we can bring some of our company over there when they come to see us. This isn't something you see everyday for sure!! Thanks Barb!!
Well, that's it. We spent most of the day putting stuff back into Euri for our trip to the coast. It should take us about 6 hours to get to Bucerias. We will be leaving on Wednesday morning at 8 a.m. SHARP!!!
We will connect with everyone from there!!
Cheers friends!!

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