Monday, 25 February 2013

VdJ (Day 20): Mazamitla!

Today we went into Mazamitla with Al & Colleen. It is a Pueblo Magico and is about 10 kms from here so it only takes a few minutes to drive to it. It is the one place close by that we can get cash out of the little Bancomer machine. There isn't a full Bancomer branch here though. Well, I guess there was no money in the machine because not only us, but another little Mexican couple left empty-handed as well. There is another bank, Santander here in town but our card won't work in it. Oh well, we will try again tomorrow!

Anyway, I did some research on "why" Mazamitla is a Pueblo Magico. Here is what I found out, and please forgive me for the translation and the copying, but here goes:

For its natural beauty Mazamitla is considered by the Ministry of tourism of Mexico as a magical town. Just a few hours from Guadalajara, it is nestled in the mountains. Mazamitla is the great secret of the state of Jalisco for tourism. Mazamitla is a beautiful village nestled in the mountains with abundant streams, waterfalls and a very healthy climate.

The name Mazamitla has been interpreted by different researchers in different ways but basically means "place where you hunt deer with arrows".

So, you get the general idea. Super pretty area that has been likened to a Bavarian Alps area. Same with the downtown. You will like it!!

See Doug there, waiting for the bank machine??

Very beautiful church...
We strolled around for a bit and then had a late breakfast. The quaint little hotel, La Posada Alpina, is a building that is 180 years old. A very kind lady owner took us on a little tour after we ate. She told us that she lived in this building with her parents when she was little. Super cute rooms, looking down into a few courtyards. Cost for a night stay is $500 ps (about $40 Cdn....I know, pretty cheap, huh?)

She seemed to really want us to see the view from the restaurant upstairs......
Looking down into the courtyard where we ate...
Fancy restaurant. Notice all the beautiful woodwork, and these
beautiful wooden carved chests??
I wish I could find room, somehow, to bring one of these home...
So, after this we carried on checking out Mazamitla. Loads of souvenir shops. And lots of just people just going about their daily lives. I never mean to be disrespectful of people when I take their pictures from afar but I love seeing them just going about their regular things, without distrubing them. Hope that doesn't make me too creepy....
This little lady was selling something like a bread....
Saw this great little nursery store and we went into the back to check out some plants. We could hearing lots of barking so Doug went to investigate...
Cute little old girl.....

Even cuter little tiny, young puppy. It was so very tiny! Notice the house? It is a box that had chocolates in it. Even had a little door in it!! Also, notice the little area beside the house. It is just sawdust in a low box for toileting. You can spend over one hundred dollars in Canada for  "Pee Pad" for your dog, or maybe you could just use a box with sawdust shavings in it!!
Super friendly little ones for sure!!
   I know, can you believe it?? Shoes named after me!!
Well, that's our day. We had fun with our travelling buddies. Dinner is done. Tea and a movie on the computer are waiting. Feel free to let us know what you did today, any of you! Would be great to hear stories from you all at home too!!
Cheers friends!!


  1. You think your days might not be exciting, I had a real fun time cleaning the bathroom! Your days sound amazing..........keep it up!

    Lookimg forward to doing the same boring stuff....Love you!

    1. Well, a clean bathroom is VERY important too!! Hope you will enjoy seeing it with us!