Sunday, 24 February 2013

VdJ (Day 19): Donkey Race!

I know, still no snappy titles..... However, the donkey race did happen, promptly at 9:30 am this morning (the original time was 9 am but I did a bit of whining about having to set the alarm and they rescheduled to 9:30 am)
This is what sunrise looks like, only through my window.
You didn`t think I was actually "up" at that time, did you?

So, Fiona is brought down to `the finish line` to wait for Don Quioxte. Sal sets Don Quioxte loose at the top end and he books it (the donkey, not Sal), and I mean books it, down the driveway to Fiona at the finish line. Honestly, I nearly bust a gut laughing, as did most of the people. It was great fun. Doug timed the event and it took Don Quioxte exactly 18.55 seconds to get down here. I won`t lie, he veered a little towards me but I held fast and did not move, dispite his huge bulk coming right at me. He ended heading towards Mike & Kathy`s trailer, which Zoe, their dog, did not like. Pretty fun, all in all, and we probably should have had some money laid on it!!

Carefully laid out finish line...
...and he's off.....(not Sal, the donkey!!)
Doug, the timer, doesn't look to worried, with coffee in hand, does he?
Ed and Pete, at the Fiona donkey end, laughed so hard, they could hardly breathe!!
See Don Quioxte, standing over by Mike & Kathy's trailer??
Don Quioxte was supposed to be interested in coming to Fiona, but apprently,
the vegetation was more interesting at Mike & Kathy's trailer!!
Ed & Sal, haul their asses down to the corn field after the race!!
Not much else ALL day. Bad when the most exiciting thing happens by 9:30 a.m., isn't it? Oh well......
Traded Colleen for my last can of Campbell's Tomato soup
for a partial bag of white marshmallows (hey, you gotta do what you gott do!!)
That's it - sorry, nothing more exciting!! Talk to you all tomorrow!!
Cindy & Bruce - We hope you got to Nuevo Vallarta okay today. I imagine, by now, you are at the pool with drinks in hand. Hopefully you are not wearing your curlers and bunny slippers WITH your bathing suits. I will pretend NOT to know you when we arrive next week if that is the case!! 
Tea is on - good night everyone!!
Cheers friends!!
(Enjoy the Oscar awards tonight, if that's your thing!!)


  1. Can't wait to see this donkey race. Also looking forward to meeting Fiona. Sounds like you are having a nice relaxing time at Hacienda. See you soon.

    Kevin and Ruth

    1. Looking forward to seeing you guys too!