Saturday, 23 February 2013

VdJ (Day 18): Anniversary Dinner!

I know, I am still trying to come up with something snappy to call the posts.....

Anyway, off to the day's events. First it was our favourite Saturday tianguis (market). Love it. Got the veggies first which was a good thing because by the time we had marched our way through, Martin, the veggie man was packing up. Got a few handy things.

Someone please alert Gus to start saving his money....we got some shopping to do!!
I really don't know how Doug can put up with me, BUT, aren't these shoes snappy??!!
(No, not the sneakers, they're mine!!)
This is my shoe man, sorry, he had to take a call!!
Kim Wilson (from M.A. Stewart), this is your type of shoe store!!
Bob & Danna, this is Frederico. He was very nice and has a lovely harness.
His owners run a stall in the market and he was quite happily eating the box...
Yup, the malecon is still here!!
Remember I mentioned the veggie run. Well, this is what we got for
a whopping $65 ps (about $5.25 Cdn) Yummy!!
Well, we barely got the veggies washed up, had a glass of wine and it was off to a celebratory dinner for some 35th wedding anniversary folks. Mike & Kathy (from Independence, CA) celebrated their anniversary at the beginning of this month AND, of course, our own travelling buddies, Al & Colleen celebrate their 35th tomorrow (Sunday) CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU ALL.....and they said it wouldn't last!!  Here's our dinner. Super fun time!!
Restaurante la Troje in Mazamitla, about 10 kms away.
Lovely flowers on the table for the party...
Party group, the only one missing was Sal.
He had business to attend to at the Hacienda...
Mike & Kathy....

Colleen & Al...
SO much food!!
So pretty, with orchids even!!
I know, like sharks to the feed, this is all that's left!!
So it was a very fun evening. The little town of Mazamitla is such a pretty town. It is, again, a Pueblo Magico. Remember that term from the post from Jiquilpan, from last week. I will try and find out a little more about why it was made into a Pueblo Magico next week!
Of course, just one more little picture. Don't ask why I do these things....or maybe ask my Mom!!
BUT, they are pretty snappy little shoes, don't you agree??!! 
(Well, at least I took the picture BEFORE the rest of the partiers got there!!)
We all got home safe and sound and now all is quiet. Yes, we are finished tea!! You won't believe it but tomorrow we are having a little "set the donkey's loose and see which one gets to the back of the property fastest" contest.....Yesssiree, watch out for those flower beds everyone!!
Cheers friends!!


  1. those shoes are very "snappy"!! I have shoe envy! :)

    1. I know...and the best part is that they cost $12!
      Love them! Thanks for following the blog!! Hi to Ken, Eric and everyone!!