Thursday, 21 February 2013

VdJ (Day 16): Dentist Trip!

Dentist day!! Sounds like a national holiday, doesn't it?! Very kind father and daughter business. We have actually met them last year when we were here. I was very glad to go and see them. Dr. Jesus looked after Doug and Dr. Lisette looked after me. His youngest son is also in dentistry at the University of Guadalajara and will be graduating soon. Make room in the office for one more!!  Anyway, our appointments were good. I will be going back on March 7th for the first of 3 appointments for a new crown on my back, broken molar (Sorry Dr. Ullette, my Canada dentist!!) They have a very nice, spacious office with all the modern equipment you are used to in Canada!!

Dr. Lissette
(Oh by the way, she is a root canal specialist!!)
We stopped for lunch. They were quite possibly, the best tacos to date. Oh, the ones the other day were good but.....One of the tacos was done with cheese and pineapple. Delicious is all we could say (even with our mouths full!!) Five tacos and one soda drink $60 ps (or about $4.80 Cdn!!)
And then it was time for yard clean-up around our fifth wheel. We figured since we are living here for a few months, it was the least we could do to help Sal & Barb out! They always have so much to do with such a big place. Doug even managed to cut the lawn around Kevin & Ruth's Sherman, just to keep him looking semi-respectable!!
Lonely, sad Sherman.....
Doesn't that look lovely!!??
Pretty much ran out of things to tell you all and then....FLASH...incoming pictures of Gus. It made our evening for sure!! I know you have all been pretty patient waiting for new ones, so here's just a few to tantalize you. I can only release a few at a time. In no particular order...
Sorry, Mary, but I don't think he likes that book...
(Mary is Kathy's sister)
Gus in his snowsuit. I really think Kathy is
enjoying this MUCH more than he was!!
Now everyone is happy!!
Well, it was a really nice day, even with going to the dentist. We have even finished tea and our movie. The moon was out tonight and we can see so many stars....we are very lucky to be here!
Cheers friends!!

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