Wednesday, 20 February 2013

VdJ (Day 15): Dam Trip!

We are really giving Sal & Barb's Suburban a work-out with all the trips they have taken us on. We can't, as always, thank them enough!!  Today it was "dam day". Took about 45 minutes to get there. It is southwest of here, part way on the road to Colima and the coast. These are just never likely to be excursions you take on your own because you won't know how to get there.

Me and Barb....thanks for so much, buddy!
Everyone enjoys the view...
So we were admiring the view when we spotted some fishermen bringing their haul back up to their truck. What a haul it was!! They had a very sophisticated scale with them and said that they had about 300 kg's of tilapia. I know we can get this fish in Vancouver and it is very good. Couldn't imagine that they could get so many out of this lake. It was funny to stand around and take pictures of this. I mean, you would have thought I had never seen a fish before, but really, out of this "dammed" lake in the middle of Mexico comes THIS many tilapia?? Unbelievable. Sal noticed a sign on the gate that said this weekend there is a fishing contest for wide mouth bass and something else. Guess there are LOTS of fish in there!!
I thought one of them was calling out for help but then Doug pointed out
that they had all been gutted and cleaned...Guess not!!
After a "dam" fine time (sorry, I couldn't resist) we headed further up the road until it turned into a dirt road. Sal was looking for the road that was supposed to be where another boat launch was. We didn't find it because the road kept heading up and up and the lake was down, down....just sayin'.  These are the best "car" pictures I could get. It really is very spectacular up here. This is part of the Sierra del Tigre mountain range.
So after all this we stopped in Mazamitla for a quick lunch. This was in a place that is like a 2 storey food and specialty court. Pretty neat. We tried birria, which is a stew made out of sometimes goat or beef or both. It was really quite good. Just like a pot roast that had a slightly spicey sauce...served, of course, with fresh tortillas. I know, everywhere we go it seems to involve food. No wonder I come back to Canada after these trips and have not lost a single pound!!
Clockwise from bottom left: Madeleine, Sal, Kathy, Barb & Peter
Mike, Doug and I (By the way, if this were high school, this
would be the COOL table.....)
Mike & Terri Church say "Don't drive your big rig through this town"
...and they are right!! This is a big intersection. They get smaller!!
Game of cards going on too...
No stairs, just a neat ramp-like thing.
On the main floor there are all sorts of food things...
Kathy Beglaw, this isn't for you, but why do we always think of
you when we see butcher shops? Actually, I appreciate the fact that not much of the
 animal is wasted here. We waste too much in Canada. The sign hanging says he
makes chorizo sausage, among other things. Waste not, want not.....
I am coming back to this little gift shop, which was right across the street.
They have homemade bows and arrows. Now, THAT is the type of gift grandparents are supposed to bring home for their grandson, right?? Yup, it's happening....
So, another day here at Hacienda Contreras. Love it......see ya! Tea's up!!
Cheers friends!!

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