Sunday, 17 February 2013

VdJ (from Saturday) Day 11: Tianguis & Cowboys!

Posting this on Sunday. A bit of connectivity problem yesterday.......

Well, after my little note yesterday about maybe not posting everyday if we had nothing to report, we had a busy day today!

First we headed into the Saturday tianguis (market) It was fun to see some of the vendors, in their same spots. I think I enjoy recognizing some of them most! I did notice that there is a very amazing tarping system in place. Unfortunately, being nearly 6 feet tall, it is a little short for me.

Yup, this is what happens when you are tall!!
We bought some beautiful fruit, just a few full sized slices of pineapple and watermelon. The nice lady chopped it up for us and put it in a bag. Man, did she CHOP it up!! She is this little wee lady and whck went the knife…whack, whack, whack. It made me laugh out loud, then she started laughing. Hopefully, she was laughing and watching what she was doing!


We went back to Martin, the veggie auctioneer, and bought some more things. When he was weighing up our purchases on the scale and yelled out the price, I was actually able to “hear” the number he said. A big thing for me. I find the numbers really hard to understand so when I do get them, it is quite a thing for me! Doug can always get them, pretty much right away, but I can’t. I am so happy that this town is the way it is. I do not wish to be in a town that feels it is their obligation to speak English. We are visitors to Mexico and it is not where we visit that has the obligation to speak our language, it is our obligation to learn to speak Spanish. We hope this never changes. We are the ones who must do better…

After market, it was a nice walk around this town that we are beginning to love more each day. It is very friendly, very tidy and very comfortable. We especially enjoy turning a corner and seeing something that we recognize and knowing which direction to head. That really makes you feel “at home”….

Now, no walk about town is complete without a trip to Sal’s aunt’s for paletas de frutas, popsicle like fruit juice. Delicious. Sal’s aunt always asks…”gringos con Barbara” In other words, “North Americans with Barbara”?.Yup, that’s us!! Doug had his usual lime one and I splurged with a chocolate malteada-chocolate shake.
Once we had gotten back to the RV park, Barb let us know that there was to be a parade of sorts. It was to celebrate the life of the caballero “Mexican cowboy”. We weren’t totally sure where to wait for the parade. A bunch of us sat around the centro and just relaxed.   
Yes, this clock is right twice a day, everyday!! 
Just hanging around...
                                                            Anybody need to rest a spell?
Then we decided to walk down towards the malecon by the lake to see if we could see anything happening. We walked around a bit and finally ended up at another end of town and found the gathering place for everyone in the parade.

And now we found a new place to sit!!
I don't think the vehicles were part of the parade!!
...but the band sure was!!
We sorted followed them all over town...kinda like parade "groupies"!!
However, us girls decided that this was the best......ummm, horse!!
Wow, after that it was off to more garbanzo bean chucking, dinner with Al & Colleen and fire time, roasting the beans. More stories………..great day!!
Hope you all had a good Saturday. Sunday is waffles breakfast with everyone and then a trip up to the mescal still. Wow, do I ever wish my kids could be here for this (maybe Ted too!!)

Cheers friends!! 

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