Wednesday, 13 February 2013

VdJ (Day 8): Nails & Donkey time!

I guess if we are going to be here for some time I will have to come up with a different daily title, huh? I will give that some (small amount) of thought!!

"We" (which actually means Doug) have not solved the problem with Euri's fuse and/or fan. Sal took Doug and Al (who also needed something) to town this afternoon to see the parts man. Doug has something that "might" work. Guess we will know more tomorrow. 

We went into town for a small grocery run. Colleen had her nails done by a nice young lady.

Almost like home...
Came home from the market and had our lunch (I know, by now, you are all on the edge of your seat, right??!!) Then it was off to give the donkeys a treat of cantaloupe rinds and lettuce. First though, Doug had to unwrap Don Quioxte from around the pine tree.....
Fiona was pretty happy...(yes, that is her happy face!!)
Looking back towards the front gates.
How many guys does it take to fix.....what ARE they fixing anyway??
Not much else was accomplished today, seems like I tell you that alot, don't I? So I just took my camera all around. You can find beauty in many things. Just take some time to look! 
Just work with me, will you??
And we close with another sunny, happy hour under the tree..
Sorry, I didn't have tons to tell you about. Somedays we just hang around and try not to get into trouble!! That's why I just like walking around taking pictures of random things....we should always try and see the beauty everywhere in our lives!!
Tomorrow we are heading into Jiquilpan de Juarez for a visit, a museum, park and then we are all heading out for lunch. Should be fun as I think everyone is going....about 14 of us. I will have lots of pictures of that for sure!!
Tea is on. Miss you friends!!
Hey, Happy Valentines Day tomorrow! And remember, if you don't have a valentine, you should always love yourself first!!
Cheers friends!!

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