Tuesday, 12 February 2013

VdJ (Day 7): La Garita Hot Springs

Today we headed out to the Las Jaras Parque Aquatico in La Garita. It's a hot springs/swimming pool area about a 35 km drive away from Hacienda Contreras. Sal was taking his mom, auntie and sister as well. I really love this drive. We did it last year when we left Hacienda Contreras and headed for the coast. You go through a huge valley that is filled with sugar cane. You can see some of the fields here:

That's Sal in the truck up ahead...
Not sure why I am fascinated by these fields, but I am!
One side of the parking lot is the spa area and hotel. If you want to access the steam room, several hot tubs, hotel area it will cost you $100 ps each (about $8 each).
This is also the only way to get a locker for your stuff.
 The front entry and landscaping is super nice. I just can never get enough of it....
Or....across the parking lot is the large pool area, kids area, several outdoor hot tubs (no jetted jacuzzi) and picnic tables. It will cost you $50 ps (or about $4 each) but only for this area.They give you two different colours of wristbands to differentiate the areas.
 All the areas are so nice!!
 Some of the cabanas for rent...
Well, no coffee shop is complete without it's resident peacocks. Check these beauties out!  I think, maybe, the one at the back is a juvenile as he has more white on him and he was smaller, but I could be wrong. Any birders out there want to educate me?? The kindly caretaker brought some peanuts to coax them out of the corner so I could take their picture....  
Quite beautiful aren't they? Dayle Beatty, these pictures are for you
because I know how much you love peacocks!!
Anyway, off to the hot tubs and some soaking!! Like I mentioned, there is a neat grotto-type of area off the end of the hot tub area. We all walked through there. It has seats and funny little corners. I think at night, with the lights on, it would be very pretty and maybe a little scary at the same time!!
Grotto entry is right where you see the shadow on the right....
It's only about 3 feet deep in here...
It's always a bit risky to set the timer on the camera around water!! 
Yes, this is what we look like!!
So, after a nice long soak here, we headed off across the parking lot to the other side. It was really nice too. This is the entrance. Colleen noticed that this big thing hanging on the wall was actually a huge mask. Pretty cool.
Scary face inside the mouth!!
The large pool...obviously!! Very, very warm. The pools and hot tubs are drained
each night and then re-filled in the morning with fresh thermal water...
From the top, clockwise: Senora Contreras, Sal, Doug, Colleen, Juana and Al
After all that soaking and swimming, it was time for lunch! In the middle of the two areas is a lovely restaurant..
All the side walls are open...so nice!!
The guys had poached rainbow trout, raised on a trout farm not far away in Mazamitla.
The owner said that if they did not like it they did not have to pay for it!!
Doug says it was, possibly, the best fish he has ever had...
The owner brought us all a tequila shot. It was amazing tequila, made for his restaurant. Certainly did not need the lime and salt he brought. Would have ruined it for sure!!
Then, we finished up with mamey ice cream. Mamey is a fruit like a cantaloupe,
only richer in flavour and much darker. Instead of shaped like a ball
like a cantaloupe, it is shaped like a football. 
Had a little trouble with the van again on the way back here. It was quite warm and the fans did not work, again. Doug and Sal think it may be a fuse. We actually had to pull over, about 10 kms from home and sit at an OXXO store while it cooled a bit. Naughty Euri!! We had intended on going right into town for a few groceries but felt it was better to come right back.
Just thought I would show you my little bit of decorating beside my night table....not that I miss him or anything!! ....AND, our little Gus is exactly 2 months old today!!!
You all know it by now...tea time. Hopefully, Doug will resolve the issue with the van tomorrow. We will see. Pretty sure you will hear about it!!
Enjoy each other's company!!
Cheers friends!!

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