Monday, 11 February 2013

VdJ (Day 6): Castle!

Today we had opportunity to go a few kms away to the Hacienda de la Palmillo, or "the castle" as it is called. You can actually see it from the park. Sal drove some of us up there. What a place! The owners had a vision of a grand entertaining spot. The grounds are immaculate and the building quite grandiose. Apparently it is used for weddings, gatherings, etc. There is a gigantic professional kitchen. Pretty amazing place:

I know, it defies all description, doesn't it?
I especially love the elephant!!
  much work has been done!
All sorts of amazing animals, from cast iron to fauna...
Teagan & Shawn, we had to drive 5,100 kms to Mexico,
but we finally saw our moose!!
Yes, dinosaurs DO exist!!!
Everywhere you look, there is something to see!!
Like a Spanish galleon beside a wagon...
Wow, look right through the covered wagon at a bison!!! 
 Sal, Colleen, Al, Nancy, Doug & Reggie (from Pennsylvannia)
And yet another installment of feet.....
The kindly master gardener that takes care of everything...
So, it was time to head back. Doug, Al & I opted to walk back down the hill and through the little country roads to Hacienda Contreras. It took about 30 minutes at a slow pace, taking picutres along the way (you knew it...) 
Looks a bit like aimless trudging, doesn't it??
Out of the dry, dusty earth, something beautiful grows...
In the middle of this little country road, a Smart meter for electricity!!
After that nice walk back, it was time for some fancy eatin's...
Josh, this is my fancy drink I told you about!!
So after lunch, we had a great Skype call with Josh, Kathy & (...sort of) Gus. I know you haven't had your Gus installment for a few days. I tried my best to get his picture from Skype but it wasn't easy....
Sleeping on Daddy...Only my grandson can wear those
knee high socks with such panache!!
That is definitely smiling.....I miss him!!
Love you, buddy!!
If you haven't all been completely bored by now (well, other than with the pictures of Gus), I will continue our day. Happy hour was after spanish class, which we really have been enjoying, thanks to Senora Barb!
Barbara (from Pennsylvannia) did a neat info session on a few different fruits and things from Mexico. It will be great, because now I can go to the market and start off with something new!! So many interesting things. Like how to properly cut limes so you don't get the seeds in your drink. The difference between different types of limes/limas. That if you sprinkle lime and salt on cut papaya it enhances the flavour. Thanks Barbara!!
Class is in...
This fruit is called a Guanabana. It tastes like a cross between a banana
and a lime. It has a bit of a stringy texture but super nice flavour!! 
...and this is the outside. Pretty mean looking, huh??
So tasty!!
This is a vegetable called a chayote. A bit like a potato and it is often found in soups.
You can boil it and the prickly skin peels off...
...and Sal has just discovered that I put out the last of the famous Dayle Beatty "Butter Brittle/Almond Roca" He sure enjoyed it!!
Yup, better get him that recipe!!
.Random bird from out our idea what he is!
So, we finished up our afternoon by playing Loteria (Mexican bingo). It helps to improve your Spanish and is fun besides!!
Our last few shots are of a couple of broads dragging their can go anywhere with that that you want!!
Me and Fiona. Although it occurred to me that flip flops weren't the best
footwear to have on around a donkey....
...and with this, we say goodnight, as we trudge on back to the yard! As Barb says, this is a work camp, don't you know!! We wish you could all come here to Hacienda Contreras
(besides, it would help spread the work around a bit!! - kidding!!)
Hope everyone had a great day...tea time now!!
Cheers friends!!


  1. Nancy we love your Ass! Sounds like a perfect day!!!!!!!

    Danna and Roberto