Thursday, 7 February 2013

VdJ (Day 2): Home Sweet Home!

Laundry day - sorry no pictures. Figured I had ran that pony right out of town last trip. Besides, you all now know what my laundry looks like. Pretty much the same this year!!

However, I do have a picture of Doug working on Euri. First thing, he changed the brake light and then installed a new horn kit. Sounds better than ever and I don't think he minded laying down in the sun to do it either!


This next picture was from a few days ago and I stole it from my Facebook page. This is Kathy's brother, Ted, a.k.a. "Uncle Ted" with Gus. Notice their fancy ties? The boys must be going out on the town or something! One day, he will be bigger than Uncle Ted!! Sorry, but that's it for the Gus installment. I have to pace myself as I only get them from the parents for now!!!

 "Uncle Ted, let's hit the road!!"
So, here's a tour of our new digs, compliments of Hacienda Contreras:
WAY bigger than I am used to!!
I know, even a dining room table!!
Pretty darn cozy, huh?
Fairly self-explanatory I would say!!
So, that's the inside, now here is a tour of Hacienda Contreras on the outside.

The "big house", NO..not "that" big house!! The amenities room is on the top. Barb & Sal have the suite on the bottom right, when they are not in town at their own house.

Those two doors on the left are lovely bathrooms.
This is my favourite palm here.
Kevin & Ruth - These are for you....
Evening is upon us....
Almost forgot, Barb is giving us bi-weekly Spanish lessons! Should be fun!
Well, I have lots more photos that I took today but I will save them for tomorrow's post. PLUS, the first installment of the donkeys....yes that is right TWO donkeys. Fiona and Don Quioxte. You will meet them both tomorrow.....
For now, we are tired. Not sure why because we really did not do THAT much today. I think all the travelling is catching up with us and we are just so happy to be able to relax.
My favourite candle is burning and we have our tea.
All our love out to family and friends. We miss you all. Come on by - just not ALL at once, huh?
"It is in the shelter of each other that we live"
Cheers friends!!

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  1. Nice of you to think of us...and Whiskey! Thanks for the pics!