Tuesday, 19 February 2013

VdJ (Day 14): Orchards, Walks & Tacos!

Wow - I can't believe that we have been here for two weeks already!

Today we were able to walk across the highway and over to Sal's cousin's orchard. I would like to add here that "some" people laughed at me when I said that Sal knows pretty much everybody around these parts, but it is true!!

So many fruits are grown in here and it is always so much fun to be able to actually pick a citrus fruit off the tree. This is a real novelty to us from Canada!! Oranges, lemons, limes, pomegranate, avocados, apples, Mexican cherries.....love it!!
Sorry, just had to do it!!
Hey look, we "picked" some great new friends, Mike & Kathy!!
They are from Independence, CA
The start of pomegranates. So pretty!!
Now, here's a cool story. Sal told us that this is a donkey trail. It is at the top of the orchard. These trails ran all over the place and this one is part of a trail from Guadalajara to the coast. History has it that gold is buried in places along this trail. Gold miners used to pack the gold out on their donkeys and when they heard the robbers coming, they would bury the gold. They usually got killed anyway and then no one ever found the gold.....hmmmmm!! 
All washed up, and ready to use. Fresh picked!!
After we got back, we decided to take ourselves out for another walk. We left the property at the back, went through a ditch, over a corn field and out on the country roads behind Hacienda Contreras. It was a dusty walk but we enjoyed it. Probably about 4 kms in total....
Garbanzo beans in bloom in Sal & Barb's small plot...
Trying to use a really small twig to pull myself out of this ditch!!
Such a pretty valley - hey, do you see that HUGE cloud on the right??
A really strange, dead looking vine that had nearly covered an entire field.
Looked pretty creepy, like something out of a movie!!
Again, out of the dust, something pretty grows...
I don't know why, but I like this old sign. 
Hacienda Contreras is about another 1 km down this road.
Since we had worked up quite an appetite, we drove back into town with Al & Colleen and bought some tacos from one of the little spots around the square. Sorry to all our family and friends who were no doubt, busy working when we were doing this, but it felt pretty good... not gonna lie!! But hey, at least we did "think" about you all....
Big rounds of cheese...
Wow - lunch for 3 people cost $100 ps with tip (about $8 Cdn)
Oh, thanks again, Al!!
One the way home, this guy stopped to check his tires....do you think??
That's our day here at Hacienda Contreras. I would say that we didn't do much but when I go back and look at the pictures, it was pretty fun. Doug likes to read the blog so he can see just what is was that we did each day!! 
Such a simple thing, picking citrus fruits in the orchard, but it was my favourite part. Not so much that we got the fruit, just that it was there to do!!
Tea is nearly done....so am I!!
Cheers friends!!


  1. I love seeing it through your eyes. Makes it all worthwhile. Thanks.

    1. Being here with you & Sal makes it worthwhile for us!!!

  2. Once again we love your pictures, it makes our RAINY DAY!
    We can't wait to see it for ourselves!
    Love you lots
    Danna and Roberto
    Townhouse almost done!

    1. You won't believe how great it is!! Glad about the townhouse too!