Friday, 15 February 2013

VdJ (Day 10): Maintenance & Chicken!

Really nothing going on here today. Doug seems to have fixed Euri's fan problem for now. He replaced a 50 amp fuse that was fried. Let's hope that is the end of it!!

Pretty much like a regular day at home other than that. I cleaned the trailer. We found out that the oven doesn't work so that's too bad as I has visions of cookies, etc. I can still do them, I will just have to make them up and take them up to the rec room to bake. But then, I will have to ride shot-gun on the oven!!! If the baking thing doesn't work out, there are cookies in town and I know how to get there!!

We had our Spanish lesson with Barb. We really like it and appreciate the fact that she is giving them. Today there were 10 of us. What a great turn out!!

Dinner tonight was lemon chicken. It was interesting buying the chicken because the little chicken shop has the most wicked looking band-saw type of thing. When you order half a chicken, they just grab one and take it to the evil machine with the blade that is going about 3,000 mph.....and whack!! There you have it, half a chicken in about 6-8 different, random pieces. I loved it, although I couldn't take my eyes off that blade and how casually he worked around it. Not sure how many people have lost limbs or parts of limbs, but I am willing to bet quite a few!!

Yup, those are pretty random pieces!!
Thanks for the fresh lemons Hacienda Contreras!!
Okay, that's really IT....nothing else exciting. We actually enjoy days like these. Just puttering around getting little jobs done just like at home in Canada. For this reason, you may find that there may actually be days that I don't post. That will be just because I don't have anything to tell you. HOWEVER, you do know that if we do anything, anything, you know I will tell you about it (...or if we get a NEW picture of Gus - his parents, are you listening/reading out there...ha ha ha!!). We are going to the market in town again tomorrow so I will bring my camera, just in case!!
With that, I will let you all enjoy your Friday night (...or Saturday morning if that is when you are reading this). 
Tea is on and still the make-up is not!! Think we might actually watch a movie tonight!!
Cheers friends!!

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