Monday, 4 February 2013

Mazatlan (Day 3)

Last night, right after I hit the "Publish" button, a H-U-G-E bug landed on me!!! Not sure if he dropped off the ceiling or flew at me and landed. First on my head, then on the computer keyboard. Oh brother, did I ever sream and jump. It was pretty funny afterwards and I never saw the bug again. I am sure it was as startled as I was!! It was like a June bug from Canada.....pretty funny anyway - sorry no pictures!!! Yes, then for sure it was time for bed.

Oh, one other thing that no one seems to talk about.....

In Mexico, the sewer system isn't always so great (I know, you are thinking, "just where is she going with this"....) Often the systems are pretty old and the pipes very small. In most places you are not supposed to flush the toilet paper down the toilet. There is a basket provided beside the toilet for this. I know this sounds quite "icky" and if all you visit are the new all-inclusive resorts, it likely isn't this way. Last night, one of the ladies here, used the ladies washroom and broke the cardinal rule of toileting and flushed some paper. Yup, plugged toilet. People, pay attention will you!!!!! Sorry, that was my last rant, from last night. Don't worry, there will be other crazy stories, mostly at my own expense! (Just when you thought things were getting boring!!) Now, on to the day:

First, it was buying fresh shrimp at the pool side (2 kilos worth and yes, he even had a little scale with him. They cost $200 ps per kilo - about $16 per kilo. Probably expensive for Mexico but cheap for Canada standards!!) Then it was breakfast. (I know, we suck, don't we??!!)

 Colleen, the wheeler dealer...
A Beglaw camping breakfast, Spam, eggs and toast. Oh, I know, all you people
are laughing about Spam (yes, even you, Kathy...) But go ahead and try it!!
It is the perfect camping meat and it doesn't need refrigeration!! 
We went for a nice walk. Ended up at the Mega superstore (which is like a grocery store). It's always nice to walk in the sunshine in 26 degrees (sorry, all our friends in the cold....)
Mary Beatty, this is, once again for you!! Another restaurant in your name!!
Don't worry, I will find them ALL!!
Hello???....this goes without saying, doesn't it??!! If any of you don't know
WHO this is for, you need to refer back to December 12th!!
(Did I mention he is THE most adorable grandson in the ENTIRE world??!!)
Sorry for this shot.....that's all I can say!!
Now, this is how you buy tequila and Squirt!!
On our way home from groceries....never this fun in Canada, for sure!!
Dinner with Mike, Terri, Al & Colleen. Super fun on the beach.
It was a great ending to our Mazatlan trip!! 
So, now it is a late night (sorry, Bruce & Cindy!!) We are mostly packed up and ready to leave in the morning. The night before a travel day, we pack up as much as we can (bikes, awning, etc.) so we can get going as soon as possible. Departure time is 8:30 a.m. (which, for our friends on the West Coast, is 7:30 a.m. your time!!) Hope Al & Colleen have coffee ready!!
See you all tomorrow from, I think, Villa Corona which is about a 6 hour drive away.......
Cheers, friends!!


  1. You're getting closer...Take your time and enjoy.

  2. Gus is one of the two most aborable grandson's in the ENTIRE world. We are kinda partial to Cameron! Glad you are having fun.

    Kevin and Ruth

  3. You Guys are getting too much about sending some up North for us very pale Guys!