Sunday, 3 February 2013

Mazatlan (Day 2)

We love it here. Not just the San Fernando RV Park, but the city in general. It is one of our (so far) top few picks of places that we could come and rent a place at for a winter.

The day started off with a yummy breakfast prepared by Al & Colleen (a person could get used to this kind of treatment!!) Waffles, bacon and fresh Mexico strawberries. Yes, a waffle maker. Can you believe it? Well, I guess when you have a house as B-I-G as theirs, you have room for such luxuries. Euri just doesn't have the room!!

As good as The Roadhouse in South Surrey!!
After digesting that, it was off to find a kindly pulmonia driver who would take us downtown to the international market.
I don't know why....I just did, that's all.....
Thanks so much!!
The International Market, I think, pretty much takes up a whole city block. It can be a bit overwhelming for sure. The vendors are quite "aggressive". Not in a bad way, but in an "overly-enthusiastic way". I wish I could explain to them that if they just let you browse, you might actually spend more time and maybe more money. But, hey, that's what they are there for. They are making a living......Come on and check it out!!
Josh, these super heroes (and monsters) are for you and Gus.....
A veritable party, waiting for a place to happen, pinatas and candy!!
Yes, something for the more discerning pallet. Remember the picture of those pigs feet in a jar from our first stop in Marysville? Just thinkin'.....gonna need a bigger jar for these ones!!
Remember last year when I took all the pictures of the brooms and tablecloths? Well, I think this year I will concentrate on bolsas....the quintessential Mexican shopping bag. Really, I think Mexican's were the first, true, green shopping bag people!!! These are everywhere! 
Like I said, it is quite the thing to see. The sounds, the smells, the people. Pretty interesting and I wouldn't come to Mazatlan without coming here for a visit. It was as good as I remembered!! All around outside the market there are so many stores. You can find shoes, hardware, eyeglasses, anything. This picture, although not great, is for my daughter Teagan and my friend, Danna. They are both wonderful sewers. A fabric store - just for you, girls!!!
The area around the market...
Very crowded and very busy...
After this, we hailed another pulmonia driver to get us back up to the malecon so we could do us some beach walking....and maybe find us some refreshments.
I finally found a way to drink beer, plenty of limes AND a bit of salt...
Yummy fish tacos...
...and the donut man that Doug flagged down...honestly!!!
Gotta love a beach band with a tuba player!!!
Terri C. - look familiar?? Just about 4 hours behind you!!
Is that Doug and Al, looking RIGHT up her dress?!!
How often do you find two statues of Marilyn in a week??
...and here we are!!
Super nice malecon walk!
This is for, guess who? My darling grandson, Gus!! A cafe just for you!!!
How fitting too, a pirate theme!! Remember his pirate patch at Christmas??
(I miss you.......)
Well, we really enjoyed the market, walk, lunch and pulmonia rides, etc. Back at the park, Doug was skyping with his Mom, Helen and sister, Diane. I couldn't resist this photo. Such is the modern world. Showing them on the Skype camera just where Las Glorias was!! Diane couldn't locate it on her map!!
Here is our view....I know, pretty sic, huh?? 
I mean, really, don't we look pretty small compared to Sunny???
Our very pretty pool tonight
This is where we are sitting, right now as I type this.
Wish you were all here, we could have a party!!
That was the day. Pretty fun. It wasn't too overly hot, a nice 25 degrees C. Slightly overcast so that meant no one got burned today!! 
Not sure what tomorrow will bring. Maybe just a hanging around, relaxing day...or not! We will see. Tea is all done so that must mean bedtime!! Thanks for checking in.
Cheers friends!!

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