Thursday, 24 January 2013

Springfield OR to Eureka CA

We had a great drive today. Left Springfield OR at 9 am this morning. I really like the drive through to Florence on the coast. Twisty, moss covered trees then you break out to see the ocean. Just amazing!! It takes about 1 hour to get to the coast. From there we tracked due south and now we are in Eureka, CA at Shoreline RV Park with Al & Colleen. We decided to stay here, rather than trying to find a hotel. It will be a bit chilly but Doug already has the heater going in the van. If it gets too cold, we will don the toques from last year (remember, Protero State Park-March 13th?). But hey, we are burly West Coasters!!

First though, a funny story. Last night at about midnight (after we had been nicely asleep for 2 hours...) the phone rang in the room. At first, there was no one on it. Doug hung up. Then it rang again right away. The young man on the phone said, "This is Daniel, from the front desk and I would like to confirm the high charge on your VISA for movies rented" Well, to say the least, Doug went ballistic. "There have been NO movies rented in this room" He responded to Doug, "Yes there have been sir, about $120 worth" Doug says, "I will be right down to the office". He storms down there (yes, he got dressed first!!) Well, there is NO Daniel at the front desk. In fact, the very nice young man said that someone had just called and asked for Room 111. Guess it was a total crank phone call. If that is where the story ended, they probably had a good laugh HOWEVER. Doug then decided to call VISA to report this bogus charge. He looks in his wallet and CANNOT find his card. YIKES!! Now when he calls VISA he cancels the card. The young fellow there says, should I put a hold on it while you look for it? Of course, we say NO. Cancel it. About 10 minutes later he finds the card, which he had put in a different part of his wallet for some reason.Too late for VISA though, you can't "uncancel" a card. We are now waiting for an emergency card to be sent to our friend's house in Palm Springs.....Oh the joy of travelling and life!! A new card awaits. If this twit that called us knew all this, they would really laugh!!

Enough of that, here are today's pictures. Chicken stew is indeed, in the crock pot. Sorry no pictures of it but I am sure you can imagine what it looks like. It smells great. Everyone should order one of these. You could do dinner while you are at work!!

 Sunny, Al & Colleen's motor home, in front of us, westbound on Hwy 126 to Florence. 
Notice the trees, all covered in moss!!

Mary Beatty, this is for you - my lap blanket. I love it!!

Florence, OR

It's nice to have an extra set of hands for picture taking!!

Port Orford,OR area

Euri, finally enjoying his road trip to the sun!!

Well, tucked in, safe and sound tonight at Shoreline RV Park. No Scrabble, sorry!! BUT, for those keeping track, there is NO make-up!!

Cheers Friends!!


  1. Doing a bang up job again with the post. Has become nightly reading. Hope to see you soon

  2. Thanks Mother Ewing!! Glad you and Father are enjoying it!! Thought the crank phone call would make you laugh!! Feels good to know you are following along with us!!