Thursday, 31 January 2013

San Carlos (Day 2)

It was decided that we would stay on for an extra day here. Everyone was wanting to relax so this seems to be a good spot for sure!

First, the day started with me watching Al, doing something. All seems well as there was no discussions about it so I imagine he was just being a diligent motor homer!!

Heading for a walk, with Colleen leading the way!
So cool, using the broken pot bits for the steps!!
Pretty grand entrance for a house!!
House of the Happy Hearts!! nice
I have never seen real cotton growing before!!
Nancy's favourite place!!
More pictures of the office building here at Totonaka...
Sorry, it's a bit dark, but it is something!!
So, that's that for our day. Just some nice relaxing and walking around. There is a little gift shop right around the corner and surprize, surprize, I found a ring I wanted. I held my ground and did NOT buy it. The gentleman wanted $450 ps, whoa!! Way too much. I offered $300 ps, which I think is MORE than fair. He would only come down to $350 ps and I said "nope". I was rather proud of myself. Those who know me know that I love shiny things!! Oh well, little does he know, we are heading for Mazatlan, land of the many jewellery vendors!!
For those who think you are on "Gus-rations" here is another picture of him!! 
Hope you all had a great day!!
Cheers friends!


  1. What an adorable cute round little head!!!

  2. I know, that's thanks to his mommy!! I knew I liked that girl!! See you next week!!

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