Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Picture Updates

Of course, my R&D expert figured out how to get me back into blogger. I have to enter through Google Chrome. Not sure why, but it seems to work for now. Here is a photo montage of the last week or so (....spoiler alert - there are some Gus pictures here!!)

Just me and my fox, sleeping off the excitement!!

The Beatty clan, fully outfitted with their pirate patches!! 
(L->R: Gus, Mary, Megan, Ted, Kathy Josh, Hannah, Dayle)

..don't worry, I will grow into my patch!!

Happy New Year everyone!!
(Clockwise from bottom L: My arm, Lacey, Colleen, Susann, Doug, Al)

Four generations!!
(L->R: Josh, Nancy, Gus & Great Grandma Nadyne)

Our dear friend, Danna (dbitalianjob lady) with guess who!!

Grandpa time...

No, I wasn't sleeping, just hangin' out with my little boy...

...and this is what today (Jan 8th) looks like!!!

Just so you all know, there are MANY more pictures of Gus (can you imagine??) but I won't put them all on here - just now, anyway!!

We are looking forward to leaving the snow and rain behind. And for all those who keep asking...."Yes, it will be VERY hard to leave Gus for a few months". Luckily, he won't remember!! We will miss him and will need to be skyped weekly but we will come back with lots of stories for him and it gives us opportunity to show him off, EVERYWHERE!!!!! 

I will leave you with my new "other" favourite picture. Just sums things up nicely some days! (Thanks to Diane & Brian for sending this on!!)

Peace everyone!! 


  1. Love the pictures of Gus, oh yah and the other people as well. We had a great time at the party, the little guy sure got a lot of cute stuff!
    Danna and Roberto

  2. Gus is adorable. Sometimes, when I feel sad that we cant travel right now, I get happy real quick because I have five little great grands 7,5,3 1 and two months that I have been able to be close to. That is a very funny dog picture too.

    1. Thanks BJ! You enjoy those great g'kids! Thanks for checking in with us. You have been a follower right from the beginning and we appreciate your dedication. Soon, we will be on the road again!

  3. Great pictures of the family and especially Gus, he is such a cutie!

    Kevin and Ruth