Sunday, 20 January 2013

Party Night!

Many thanks to our kids, Josh & Kathy, who planned and successfully executed a great surprise party for Doug's 60th Birthday. What a great night!!

It's always fun to see family and friends. We love you all and MANY, MANY thanks kids, family & friends, for a great evening!

Doug blows out the cupcake tree!
Thanks to Bob & Danna for the baking!! Bob & Danna are our very dear friends.
You may know them from

Daughter, Teagan & hubby, Shawn flew in from Edmonton...

Cindy & Bruce Ewing. 
Great friends that we have known for over 20 years!!

Brenda Rossi. She & husband George have been 
wonderful friends since 1997 when we started go-kart racing with Josh....
Please notice that Gus came appropriately dressed to Grandpa's party with a "tie"!

Nancy, Gus, Josh & Teagan
We were super happy that Teagan & Shawn were able to fly in from Edmonton. We "pretended" to pick them up at the Seabus terminal with Doug just before the party started, even though they had already been here at the pre-party set-up! But he didn't know that!!

That's it. We really enjoyed our weekend and our time with everyone. You all mattter in our life. Thanks to you all for an awesome evening!!

Super BIG thanks to new parents, Josh & Kathy for being the brains of the party!!! We guys rock!!
Countdown to leaving for Mexico is now 3 more sleeps!!! YIKES!!!


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