Sunday, 27 January 2013

Manteca CA to Cathedral City CA

Late post - This is for our travel day on Saturday...guess I missed the midnight cutoff!!

There isn’t much to say about travel days. Get up, repack the van, fuel up/coffee up and get going. We travelled on a pretty nice highway (the 99). We chose this route to avoid the traffic and congestion that is Los Angeles. We will see how it works out. 

This area around Manteca/Tracy is, it would seem, primarily agricultural based. There are row upon row of almond and pistashio trees. Who knew?! Lots of signs from wineries saying “Wine & Nut Tasting Bars”, again who knew?! It is a grey, foggy day but still the thermometer registers at 17 degrees C and it is about 11 am. Thanks to the wonders of the modern world, I was able to start typing this while Doug was driving. That way, I get a head start on the day’s travels!! Every once in a while, the GPS unit starts talking to us and scares the life out of us!!!  First though, this is where we were camped last night, Turtle Beach RV Resort...
Sorry about the double pie posting yesterday and the day before. Kathy advised me that I had put it in twice. I will correct that!! Truth is that we STILL haven’t had a chance to eat those yummy pies. I took the picture (twice) and then put them away because I wasn’t quite ready to have them yet but I wanted the posting to go out. Then, being very efficient, I made up the bed. Yup, you guessed it, the pies were underneath the bed…..not so desperate to have them that I would “un-make” the bed. We just suffered with our tea and no dessert. Hopefully, we will get to them but I promise I won’t post about them again!! HOWEVER, the beef stew was amazing!! Doug thought it was my best thing yet out of the crock pot. It has definitely paid for itself. I want to tackle some more varieties. Maybe I will one day even try a dessert. Does everyone remember the tin foil recipe book I got last year in AZ?? Well, I have a slow cooker book…who knows??
Bet Al and Colleen have never driven under a sign like that before...
Miles and miles of just this......
Wind turbines were pretty neat to see.
Getting closer to Palm Springs and closer to night time too!!
Tonight we were welcomed by our dear friends, George & Brenda Rossi. They have a beautiful home in Cathedral City. We will stay here for a few days and enjoy the sites (and sleep in a B-I-G bed!!) Dinner tonight was at the Blue Coyote Grill. Josh used to come here with George when they were go-kart racing....nostalgic, huh Josh??
Well, there had to be a coyote....wasn't blue though!!
So tired - good night everyone!!

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