Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Green Valley AZ to San Carlos, Son., MX

Another travel day. It was very interesting to wake up this morning in Green Valley, AZ to frost on the window. Doug had researched and found out that the temperature for the area was approximately 12 degrees BELOW normal.....oh well. Also, Al & Colleen had let us know last night that it was going to go below freezing.  That's a little too cold with the van for us, that's why we were at the cozy motel last night!!

Morning sun in Green Valley AZ - about 20 miles from Mexican border
Yup, we are READY!!

We crossed the border at 9 am this morning. It is interesting to see the U.S. side. It is all high-tech, lots of lanes (northbound) LOTS of cameras......Then there is the Mexican side. A bumpy two lanes, one of which has the cement dividers rather haphazardly strewn about into a "sort-of" lane. We had no problem manoeuvring through but they had to wave Al & Colleen through the commercial lane. No wonder. Euri hardly fit through!! Anyway, no one checks or looks at you or your passport. You then drive along about 4 km of fenced road (where else could you go anyway). Then you arrive at the famous kilometre 21 checkpoint. This is where you have your passport stamped, pay for your tourist visa ($590 ps total - about $24 each) and purchase our vehicle import permit ($49.95 US - no you cannot pay in pesos for this here....has to be US dollars, not sure why). she takes copies of your passports then you go back to the first office and the nice gentleman stamps your passport - you have NOW officially arrived in Mexico. 

Yes, this is the place....
So we drove for a little ways. Not sure if any of you remember when Doug & I came back home last time, about May 18th (if anyone cares to check the old blog posts) but I have a picture of THIS SAME GUY selling little green parrots at THIS SAME SPOT. Guess he must do well here....or these are the same parrots!!
Yes, there are parrots in those cages!!
The first of several toll booths.....that is Al & Colleen in front of us - they have to pay more!!
So, we finally got to Hermosillo about 2:15 pm and found a Walmart. Al & Colleen wanted to stock up on a few sundry items. Of course, we GPS'd it (not sure if that is a term or not...) and were directed to this older one. Now, let me clarify. First, Euri isn't very big and we NEVER have to really worry about where we go. Walmarts have these fantastic overhead shady areas.....NOT so good for a big motor home!! YIKES!! Al did an expert job manoeuvring Sunny through the lot. However, there was a dodgy bit where he almost took out an overhead wire for something but managed to squeeze underneath it. Oh well, such is the life of Mexican travel!! He was a good sport and we got out of there fine. Just one more story for him to tell later!!
Yes, that is Al, tiptoeing through the parking lot!!
Sneaking our way through Hermosillo rush hour traffic....
After about 1-1/5 more hours we were in San Carlo at Totonaka RV Park. This spot is quite highly recommended by Mike & Terri Church. They write all those great Mexico travel books. We think we might actually stay over an extra day. You will see more on this spot tomorrow! Here we are, all tucked in for two nights.....  
I think the patio is a bit high for us!!
Pool area. Super cute but a bit cold!!
Al & Colleen's travelling feline, Jazzy. She is starting to come out as soon as the motor home stops. We think she likes the warmth too!!
Yet another great crock pot dinner, if I must say so myself!! Turkey meatballs, with rice, butternut squash and tomatoes. And some of you were doubtful if I could make this work!! Always makes enough for 4 people - hey that's perfect!!
Getting the drinks all lined up!!
Okay, so that's it for the night. I know some of you (no names to the Ewings....) like to read this at night, all tucked in with their curlers in their hair and bunny slippers by the bed, so I am sorry for the untimely nature of this post!! I will do better tomorrow night, promise!!
Thanks, as always, for riding "shotgun" with us. Next time, could ANY of you help out with those low wires at the Walmart?????
Cheers friends!!


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    1. Thanks!! It feels good to be here - see you soon!!

  2. It will be fun seeing Mexico through your eyes. Thanks for letting me tag along.
    Betty, from Milwaukie Oregon

    1. Thanks Betty! We enjoyed driving through your fine state, although it was a bit rainy, just like Vancouver BC!! Glad to have you on board, but you can't have the front seat!!