Friday, 25 January 2013

Eureka CA to Manteca (Tracy) CA

Day 3 travel day went well. I drove and gave Doug a much needed rest. It was quite fun driving through the San Francisco bay area, Richmond & Oakland. Wow, is that Richmond bridge ever HUGE!!

Anyway, we left Eureka about 10 am. It seemed to struggle all day to stop the rain and drizzle.

Road it!!

Sunny, carrying Al & Colleen, in the Redwood forest...
....and yes, I did drive, almost all day in fact!!
First glimpse of Napa wineries...
The Richmond bridge - boy was it huge!!
Downtown San Francisco on the move from across the Bay!!
Tucked in at Turtle Beach Resort
View of the rigs from the lodge, checking in!!
Well, that's it. We just got chastised for trying to bring our wine and beer into the lodge. Oh well. Doug and Al stood outside while they finished their drinks and now we are ready to leave.
YES - there is crock pot beef stew tonight!! I can hardly wait. It has more than paid for itself!!
Check out these cool little, wee pies we bought for dessert...
Good night everyone - thanks for checking in on us!!
Cheers firends!!

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