Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Cathedral City to Green Valley AZ

...where is that you ask? We are about 30 miles north of the Mexico border, south of Tucson.

We got a late start today. Euri was released from the shop and was ready to go at 11:00 a.m. Yesterday, Doug had them replace one of the cooling fans. He had asked them to call if the bill was going to be more than $200. No call came, so he was feeling pretty good when he went in to pick up our ride...........BUT, the bill was actually $959 US. A bit of a shock. At least if he had called last night, we could have got our heads around it. Oh well. All fixed now. Hopefully we will have no further problems.

So just a 4-lane travel day today. Never took a break. We stopped for groceries and now we are tucked in at The Holiday Inn Express. At least they provide breakfast. We always try and find somewhere, when we have to stay in a hotel, that at least serves breakfast. We checked out 3 different ones and came back here.

Pretty mountains all surrounding this area.

So, you know the drill. Travel day is not a great photo day. But....very pretty sunset.
Plan is that we will meet Al & Colleen about 20 miles from here. We will all fill up with gas, finalize the drive plan and get over that border!!
Cheers friends!!

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