Monday, 28 January 2013

Cathedral City (Day 3)

Euri is in the shop........

One of the two cooling fans went on the fritz and it was overloading the other fan. Doug took it into an import shop here in town. Of course, the guy was very busy but managed to squeeze us in. A new fan is on the way from Los Angeles and was supposed to be in this afternoon. He figures he will have it installed by noon on Tuesday. We will see.....

We managed to keep busy today. We enjoyed some sun and visiting in the backyard. Once again, George and Brenda were good hosts and took us around to see the city. We went out for lunch, again, can't complain about sitting in the sun!!

 Outside patio at the Rossi's
Super lovely house!! 
Jackalope Ranch Restaurant
Another sculpture on the boulevard, called "Talk to the Fish"
So, luckily, our friends seem to like us and don't mind us staying an extra day!! Hopefully, we will be on the way tomorrow and will make it to where our travel buddies are waiting for us!! Keep your fingers crossed that Euri is out of the hospital!!
Cheers friends!!

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  1. Super cute little Gus. Hope Euri is on the mend, he has a big adventure ahead of him.......

    Miss you
    Love Roberto,and Danna