Sunday, 27 January 2013

Cathedral City (Day 2)

Had a really relaxing day today. Was nice to see a bit of this beautiful city. It is filled with cafes, antique/estate shops, art galleries. I especially liked the HUGE statue of Marilyn Monroe that is making its way around the U.S. on a tour. Watch for her in a town near you!

Notice the tiny people behind her?
Quite the iconic lady for sure....

Our friends, George & Brenda, drove us all over the city. We had an amazing brunch at the Parker Hotel. All done retro. Super cool.Teagan, I think you and Shawn would really like this place!! 


After that it was off to the top of a super windy road that led us to a viewpoint. Not sure that Euri would have liked the climb!! Way down there is Cathedral City.....
This guy and his buddy took off and rode the twisty highway back. You could hear their bikes for quite a ways - love the helmet!!
Some really neat sculptures on the boulevard...
...and yummy pastry shops too!!
One last stop at the Marriott Hotel. Notice the boat INSIDE the building?
It will take you around on the little canals by the hotel and drops you off at the
Italian restaurant located on the other side of the hotel!!
We really enjoyed our day with George & Brenda. Thanks guys for showing us your new adopted city!! 
Tomorrow, we are supposed to be leaving here and meeting Al and Colleen in Amado, which is near Nogales by the Mexico border. But first Doug has to take Euri to the "vet" Seems that "maybe" his temperature gauge isn't functioning right. We almost had an overheating issue on our climb through the Sierra Mountain range. Doug expertly nursed him along. We will have someone look at it here before we leave tomorrow. I told him if we are delayed a day, not to worry, Brenda & I will just have to go shopping. I can only buy something small......gee, there's lots of jewellery stores in town!! (kidding.....sort of!)
SPOILER ALERT.........New Gus picture, sent to us today by Josh & Kathy. I know you were all missing the latest installment of Mr. Adorable!!!
I know, pretty cute, huh?! Although I was a bit alarmed about that polar bear behind him. I think that bear has shifty eyes. I told the kids I didn't want it near my grandson!!!
(look at that smile!!) Oh, just for the record, YES, I am missing him!!!!!!!

Cheers Friends!!

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  1. We saw that Marilyn statue being dismantled from it's original location in Chicago when we were there in May. You're getting closer to Mexico!