Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Oct 6th- 90th Birthday Party

Well, that was a bit of an absence, wasn't it? I actually had to re-read my last posting to see what it is I needed to tell everyone!

First, the 90th Birthday party for Doug's Mom, Helen Beglaw, went great. She is an amazing lady. She looks great, enjoys every aspect of life and loves her family. We were just amazed by her stamina visiting with everyone, for days on end!

The very happy birthday girl!!
Our awesome kids, Teagan & Shawn and Josh & Kathy (plus mystery baby...)
Kathy, my Mom, Nadyne & Josh...
Our great nephew, Mason Bucholtz...aka, Mr. Snappy Dresser!!
....and our great niece, Megan...
..and her "great" twin bro, Regan (cool hat, huh?)
 Here is the birthday girl, Helen, on the left (with my mom, Nadyne, on the right)
Teagan, Grandma Nadyne & Kathy
The big, wild crowd!!
Hold it...this is definitely NON-regulation  cake cutting!!
Anyway, as you can see, it was a fun gathering for everyone, especially for Helen. We are very lucky to have such a vibrant, happy and loving person in our lives!!
Also, Doug and I would like to thank his sister and brother-in-law, Diane & Brian AND his brother and sister-in-law, Duane & Agnes for all their incredible efforts in doing all the planning and arranging for this party. They live in Medicine Hat so everything was done by them!! A BIG thanks guys!!


  1. Mrs. Beglaw looks like she's doing pretty darn good for 90!

    1. She certainly is doing amazing. She is totally full of love for life and fun too!! Thanks guys!!

  2. Wow, your mom looks really great for 90!!! Belated happy birthday greetings for her.

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