Friday, 5 October 2012

Edmonton to Medicine Hat

We had a nice drive down to Medicine Hat. It takes a little better than 5 hours. We like to go the back roads (all paved, of course) down through the small towns of Viking, Hanna, Youngstown, picking up the Hwy 1 at Suffield. It puts us about 40 kms west of Medicine Hat so it makes a long, straight drive rather nice!  

A bit foggy in the morning...
GPS shows the road is a "tad" straight!!
I love clouds.....
...I mean, aren't they nice?!
Great Grandma Helen Beglaw, Grandpa Don Beglaw & little Mason Bucholtz.That's 3 of 4 generations. Don's son, Brandon, is away and couldn't be here with us. This little guy sure is cute!
Well, that's a road trip day. Not much happens but I still try and get some photos for sharing with allyou, our family and friends!
Tomorrow is the big 90th birthday bash for the above noted Great Grandma! Should have lots of pictures to share and should be tons of fun!!! See you later!

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