Thursday, 4 October 2012

Edmonton (Day 2)

After we packed up from our bed & breakfast, we headed out to Elk Island National Park. It is located approximately 30 kms east of Edmonton. We have been here several times when we visit with Teagan & Shawn and we love it. We are very proud to display our Parks Canada Annual pass. We are happy because we have an amazing parks system in Canada and we believe that we should support it. Again, if you have read our blog before you will have seen several postings about this great place. Guess what? There are B-I-S-O-N!!!!

This plaque was very interesting. Who ever thinks about the importance to wildlife, etc of dark night skies. How important it is for their hunting, rest, coverage, etc. and how
hard it is to find with the ever increasing sizes of our cities.....
This picture sums up this lovely park!!!
Well, it was another great day. I am sure my Mom enjoyed seeing this wonderful park. We tease her that this is yet another thing that she can cross off her "bucket-list".
We went to Teagan and Shawn's house for dinner tonight. We will see them again down in Medicine Hat on Saturday. Remember, we are heading down there tomorrow for Doug's Mom's 90th birthday on Saturday.
Another leg of the road trip tomorrow!

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  1. Our daughter worked at Elk Island National Park for three months as a volunteer through Katimavik. She loved it there!