Monday, 2 July 2012

Post Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!! Well, it is a day late, but we did manage to see a bit of the celebrations around the Nanaimo waterfront!!  We started the day off with a nice breakfast at Tina's Diner, in downtown. Nanaimo has a really nice downtown section. Not too big, but lots of little shops to wander around in.

Lots of the local downtown were all dressed up for the big day...

Hey, those people look familiar!!

Never WHO you will find downtown...

Looks like a nice place to get a "take-away" lunch for picnics (....or just eat in). Cheeses are one of their specialities. I'm going to try one of their fancy grilled cheeses next time! Locally made mustards, jams, artisan crackers, etc. Yummy!! Check them out!

Signs, signs, everywhere the signs...

Yup, we used the back door!!

From downtown it is a 5 minute walk to the waterfront. That's one of the things we like about the town, it's really easy to get to the fun stuff....

What the heck?? Crosby was there?? Who knew!! NOW, that's Canadian!!

One of my favorite parts is all the different outfits and hats worn. Very patriotic and fun!!

 Something about being Canadian that we love. Even our flag, in paper form, left here, discarded, after someone's festivities were done, still looks pretty amazing in it's glory!!

Happy 145th Birthday Canada!!

Our flag at home!!

...AND, incidentally, today, July 2nd, is our 35th Wedding Anniversary!!
Happy day to my most amazing and wonderful husband, Doug.
Hey, we got married when Canada was only 110 years old!!!

Hope some of you are still out there!! We really will get exploring, if it would ever QUIT raining, which is pretty much what it has done since we got back to the "wet" coast two weeks ago!! But, hey, we do live in a beautiful rainforest in the Pacific Northwest and you know,'s gonna rain!!



  1. Happy Anniversary, one day late! Maybe the rain will stop soon! I know the weather office is forecasting it but who believes them, right??

  2. Happy Anniversary you guys!!!!!! Love all the pictures of the flags, made me feel homesick!
    We can send you some heat from Italy we have some to spare......