Tuesday, 12 June 2012

White Rock (Day 5)

Sorry for the absence the past few days. We have just been hanging out with Josh & Kathy in White Rock. More than anything, we love hanging out with our kids, whether it is in Edmonton with Teagan & Shawn or here, in White Rock, with Josh & Kathy. Kids are EVERYTHING in your life for sure!!

Don't have much for photos, but we will sure share what we have from here. Just started out this weekend with a nice walk around White Rock

Gotta love that pier in White Rock!!

We just HAD to stop at our favourite lunch spot, Jimmy Flynn's...

...then it;s a REALLY steep walk back up to Josh & Kathy's!!

...after that steep walk, it was time for a rest on the patio with Mr. Plastic Owl.....

Sunday morning tequila toasts!! (Well, there were some extra folks to help us!!)

...and Sunday afternoon visits with our great nephew Mason Robert Theodore Bucholtz!!
Check out that snazzy volkswagen shirt (who gave him THAT??)
Ain't he a handsome little fellow??

And that is all that we have done. Just soaked up some nice BC sun. Tomorrow we are off to North Vancouver to stay at my Mom's for a few days!!

Stay tuned!!


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  1. Welcome back to the sunny lower mainland! Just wondering if Mr. Plastic Owl delivered the glass of pink wine??