Friday, 8 June 2012

Valemount BC to White Rock BC (on Thursday)

As expected, our breakfast was awesome at Dream Catcher Inn and we will definitely be back to see Doreen (...and Tiger Cat) Remember, when you are driving on Yellowhead 5 South or North and find yourselves in Valemount, come and stay with them!!

...and is that some blue sky we see up there? Could it be that we might have a nice sunny driving day to bring us back to the Lower Mainland? This is one of our absolute favourite drives in this province. There isn't a bad spot on it. All the roads are pretty much just like below. Big wide lanes and sweeping corners. (...still looks pretty blue!!)

Soon we arrived in Clearwater (about 1.5 hours north of Kamloops) which is home to North Thompson Provinicial Park and is right on the Yellowhead Hwy 5. This is a favourite camping spot for us. In fact, for about 15 years in a row, all Doug's immediate family would meet here on the May long weekend. We would have an absolute blast!! We really have to start that tradition up again! The sites are big, clean and all have lots of trees so they are pretty private.  

Euri wants to come in and camp...again!!

The North Thompson River is extremely high right now. That flooding problem that has been plaguing Alberta and BC is pretty evident along this area too. One of the walking trails at the park was closed due to flooding. We tried to get some photos once back on the way to show how high the water is:

...almost up at the road side!!

...just north of Kamloops HUGE water level!!

WOW - that's a mileage sign we haven't seen in a long time-VANCOUVER!!!

....and the lovely Fraser Valley out the window - almost back!

You may have noticed that we lost that lovely blue sky from the morning. In fact, it pretty much poured ALL the way back, with the worst rain coming around Langley right through to White Rock!! Welcome, to what is affectionately called "June-uary" on the lower mainland!!

We spent our first night at Josh & Kathy's in White Rock. We will continue to send some updates this weekend. Looking forward to seeing the pier and the Pacific Ocean here. I am pretty sure that it won't be quite as warm as the last time we were at the Pacific Ocean, just slightly further south!!


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  1. Thanks for sharing your travels and your photos! White Rock is a very nice place, for sure. Glad you made it there safe and sound.