Friday, 8 June 2012

Post Mexico

I know that I have done the Mexico wrap-up already. I was going through my photos and realized that there was something else that I did not address. Tablecloths. Yes, that's right, tablecloths everywhere. No matter how small the restaurant was, how close it was to the highway, tire shop or whatever, there was always a pride in setting the table "right" has to look proper and nice for company. This is a country of a lot of pride. It doesn't really matter which cities these are in, the theme is the same.....set the table right!!!

...even if you don't buy his BBQ'd corn-othe-cob, table is ready...

But, my all time favourite is below: the bus drivers in San Jose del Cabo. Even though they were eating in their parking lot, behind a minivan, they still had to have their tablecloth out. This wasn't done for anyone else but themselves.......gotta love it!!

I have tried to use my tablcloths too!!

Thanks Mexico!!

G'Night from White Rock everyone!!


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  1. So funny you should be talking about tablecloths because that is one thing I notice here in Italy as well. The little outdoor bars and restaurants all have their own special tablecloths. The Treviso market has many stands just selling tablecloths. There is nothing like the feeling of sitting in the Piazza at small restaurant as they unfold a crisp, clean, smooth tablecloth, which says "Even a simple pizza is worth it".