Saturday, 2 June 2012

Medicine Hat AB to Edmonton AB (on Friday)

As always, it was a nice drive. We prefer to take the back roads rather than go out on the big Trans Canada Hwy. So we wound our way up here by all nice, paved secondary highways. Hardly anyone out there too, perfect!!

I have heard many people from Alberta say that when they come to BC it can sometimes make them feel claustrophobic. I could never understand why. Now when I sit back and look out the window, I do understand. Where else do you see "so much" sky but in the prairies??

Soon, it was time for a break for lunch. We stopped at a little park called Burma Park, just north of Brownfield on the Battle River. Pretty nice lunch spot. They even had camping too!

It seems that "maybe" a road or highway went through here at one time, but now this is at the end of the park as just a walking bridge... we walked on it!

It really is an easy drive. About 6-1/4 hours, including our lunch stop and believe me, Euri doesn't travel at high speeds. Just lock the cruise on at 100 km/hr and that's enough. Like I said, it is always nice to pick the "back roads"..... 

I can remember when we used to travel Alberta, you could always see the little towns coming before you got there because of the grain elevators. These are, sadly, now almost completely gone, kinda like the dinosaur. There are actually books made with nice photos just dedicated to grain elevators. I was excited to see this one, even if it was private, just south of Sherwood Park. Sorry, we didn't stop to get a better photo.  

Now we are in Edmonton to stay at Teagan and Shawn's until Wednesday. After that, we will carry on with our slow trek back to the West Coast!!


and her brother, Aku

Thanks for checking in with us.


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