Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Life at Home on Tuesday (Part 1)

Catching up -> so this is the first of two posts going up tonight!!

Hi everyone!! Now that we have figured out where to find the coffee pot....we have finally gotten settled into Nanaimo. Poor Euri sits on the driveway, awaiting his next adventure (too bad that it is only to the grocery store for now!!) There is still a thorough cleaning to be done on the van. Seems that we keep bringing things out of the van and there are still more to come. It is pretty amazing how much stuff we had crammed into it for 4 months!!

Our niece, Lacey is involved with a program called Claytree Society, here in Nanaimo. It is a fantastic program for people with developmental disabilities.They do some awesome things each day with the very dedicated staff. She has loads of friends and their days are always full. She never ceases to amaze us with her funny stories each day.

On Tuesday, we met the group at Bowen Park in Nanaimo for their annual "Boat Race". They have a great picnic afterwards too! Lacey's boat was a wedding cake boat. Staff sets up a course on the little creek and the boats are launched in little groups, according to their size....

Top of the race course...
Getting the course ready....


The wedding cake boat builder herself!!

Lots of people there to enjoy the race!!

Some of the boats awaiting their turn...see the wedding cake boat in there?

Lacey and Uncle Doug...

...momentarily hung up on the bumpers!!

Yeehaw...see the finish line on the right??

We had an awesome morning and really enjoyed the race. Hats off to all the organizers for sure!!


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