Sunday, 3 June 2012

Edmonton (Day 3)

Today we headed out to one of our favourite places, Elk Island National Park. We really love going out to this beautiful spot. Located less than an hour away from Edmonton, it protects the wilderness of the aspen parkland, one of the most endangered habitats in Canada. This beautiful oasis is home to herds of free roaming plains bison, wood bison, moose, deer, and elk, foxes, coyotes. Boasting over 250 species of birds, including an occasional summer stop-over for pelicans & trumpeter swans, it is a bird watcher's paradise. It also protects 224 known Aboriginal sites. This park is 194 square kilometres and was established in 1913. It is Canada's 8th smallest national park but it is the largest park that is fully enclosed!!! 

The first walk we did was Amisk Wuche which is Cree for Beaver Hills. It is about 3 kms in length and has a great boardwalk:

Ranger Teagan explains something...

One of the boardwalks was a bit overtaken by mud from a beaver dam,
but we forged across!!

...and this is the area that it dammed up!!

After this, it was off to the Moss Lake Trail. This trail is actually about 13 kms long. We only had time to do some of it as it was already 3:00 pm. We headed out for about 1 hour one way and then turned around and came back, which amounted to about 8 kms round trip. Shawn was heading out from Edmonton after work to meet us for wieners over the campfire and we couldn't be gone too long. It is also a beautiful trail walk. I would really like to go back and do this one in it's entirety:

This area of the trail had a huge fire, caused 8 years ago by a careless hiker with a cigarette. You can still see the stands of burnt trees, but look how Mother Nature starts to fix itself!! I mean really, do you HAVE to smoke while you are hiking??

This is a buffalo wallow spot. It is where they stop for the night and scruff around to get comfy. It is right on the trail. Can you imagine walking along and coming
across a snoozing buffalo? There are many of these everywhere in this park!!

Me and my girl.....

...and Doug and his girl!!

After this nice trail walk, it was back to claim our firepit and picnic spot and get the fire stoked up. Shawn would be here soon with the grub!!

...good, old-fashioned picnic grub!!!

..and now our favourtie part, time for S'Mores!!!

This is perfection!! This photo is also for my dear friend, Danna Bortolin.
Do you recognize the tablecloth??!!

We were back home by about 10:00 pm and it was still light outside. Doug and I have found this to be a weird transition. Back in Mexico, which wasn't more than 2 weeks ago, it was dark by 7:30 pm, so it seems that we have gained about 3 hours in each day!!

Tea is done and now we are getting ready for bed. That 11 kms we did should certainly help with sleeping!! Not sure what we will be up to tomorrow. I know Doug has to have one of Euri's tires checked out for a slow leak (what, aren't those NEW tires?? - must have been those harsh roads!!). Talk soon!!


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  1. That tablecloth has had more adventures than I have. Glad to see you are putting it to good use. Loved seeing you on Sunday. We survived our first big rain storm!
    Weather great today!