Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Edmonton AB to Valemount BC (via Lake Louise!)

Well, as you can see from the title of this post, we had quite the driving day!! Firstly, just to wrap up our Edmonton visit. We had a great time at Teagan and Shawn's place, as I hoped you all saw. Monday, Teagan had to work and so did Shawn for awhile. Doug and I puttered around. He found out what was wrong with the tire (fault in the new rim!!). Tuesday, Teagan, of course, was at work. Shawn's day off, although Shawn is always busy with drawings, etc. In fact, he is working on a motorcyle gas tank project. I managed to grab a photo of him, busy sanding the tank, before the art work is started. After Teagan got home, we headed out for dinner:

This morning, Wednesday, we headed out for Vancouver. We headed out via Hwy 2 southbound. Teagan and Shawn suggested that we turn off at Olds to avoid the Calgary busy traffic, which is what we did. After that, it was smooth sailing to the Banff park gates.....UNTIL they told us that there was a mud slide 60 kms west of Golden BC. Oh brother, that really fouls up our plans to get to the Salmon Arm area!! We had three options. First, we could wait at Golden until the road was cleared. Second, we could head south to Trail, way down in the southeastern part of BC. Lastly, we could double back up the Columbia Icefield Parkway, essentially heading back north towards the direction that we just spent the past 4 hours coming from!! Doug checked all our options and it turned out that heading northbound was actually the quickest way around the slide. So, we headed back up the Icefield Parkway. This is a great highway and super cool drive, even a little too cool. Check out our lunch break spot!!

..a bit swoopy in the middle of the photo, but you get the idea-the lake was frozen!!

All the way up the parkway, there was flooding starting. In fact, even through the Banff area, the water levels were incredible. Fast moving and roaring along the rivers and tributaries. We have definitely never seen this before. No wonder there was a slide elsewhere. There is so much water from the melting snow and all the rain!!! Most of the shots are a bit groggy looking, trying to shoot through a wet window, but here are some:

Water coming up and over the road...

Almost at the glacier...

Water just pouring down every part of the mountains

We hadn't seen a bear for years in all our travels.....

Euri with his "big" brother at the glacier parking lot!!

We managed to stop at one of our favourite places, Athabasca Falls, just a bit south of Jasper on the Icefield Parkway. Last September I posted pictures when we were there. You should check out the water level then compared to now - unbelievable!!

Okay, so I was a little nervous with all that water thundering right behind us!!

Well, now we are safely settled in Valemount at Dream Catcher Inn Bed & Breakfast. Doreen Van Asten has made us feel really welcome. We are staying in the lodge which has 6 rooms, all with their own bathrooms, a large living room, and big dining room. (Tea kettle is waiting for me to finish posting so we can make some green tea!) Check out her website and come on by for a stay. We can hardly wait for breakfast!! Here are a few of our photos, but also check out their website!!

Dining room where we are currently drinking our tea!!

Cozy living room for everyone to share (but only we are here!!)

...and our even cozier room!!

For many years we have zoomed by Valemount and just used it as a gas-up spot. Never did we consider to visit the actual town! It is really nice, nestled in the mountains. Who knew??!! We also had a great dinner at the Caribou Grill. Come on by here and when you do, say hi to Doreen for us and also, Tiger the cat, but don't let him fool you into thinking he can come inside!!

Tomorrow you will find us at Josh and Kathy's place in White Rock. We will stay there until mid the following week (or til they tire of us and change the locks!!)

Thanks for reading along. I know we are all missing the palm trees and blue skies of Mexico but I hope I can keep everyone's interest up enough that you will all still follow the blog. Remember, we barely got started exploring our new hometown of Nanaimo earlier this year so we still have lots to see and those who know me know I will ALWAYS have something to say!! The rest of Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast await the travels of Doug, Nancy and Euri too!!
Stay on board!!


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  1. Welcome back to winter in BC. oh its spring! my mistake! come visit us and Sunny while you are in White Rock.