Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Williams AZ to Grand Canyon AZ (from Monday)

Sorry, could not get this posted last night. We have to ride about 1/2 mile away to the main Market Square and use the internet from the cafe and last night, there wasn't time! So here is yesterday's posting, today. I will do a seperate one for today, later! 

We left Williams AZ about 9:30 on Monday morning and headed up to Grand Canyon Village. Everything Doug checked on the internet showed that there were NO spots available. We figured that we had nothing to lose, so we took a gamble....and it paid off!! Carolyn of the G.C.Park Service took one look at our little Euri when we pulled in front of the park service building at the trailer park and said, "I'm gonna squeeze you guys in!!"  So far, she could only promise for Monday night, but she "would see what she could do" .....yeehaw!! But first, here is one last look at the famous Route 66 in Williams AZ as we leave town...By the way, you can't even find these original signs out on the highway anymore. I believe the highway is also called Hwy 40. Can you imagine how long the Route 66 signs would last up on poles on the highway?? I am sure they would be stolen in one day!!

Pretty nice scenery on the way up. Drive is about 55 miles.

So, here we are, all set up for the day and ready to head out. The sites are not particularly fancy. Bathroom is clean with hot water but strangely, there are no showers on this site. You have to go about 1/2 mile to the "Services Building" which has showers, laundry, etc. The campers from the Mather Campground have to use the same facility. Oh well, that's okay:

This lovely pine tree dripped sap all over our camp chair! Guess we will figure out how to clean that off when we get home....still like the tree though!

Little visitor at the campsite!

Now, THE Grand Canyon. First, the park service has this area, The Village, set up with free shuttle buses everywhere. There are three different coloured loops. All of them are free and they run ALL day long, right up to 10 pm. One route basically connects to the other so you just hop on and off. We started with the blue route that goes right by our campsite and took it to the "exchange" where we hopped on the orange route. This bus took us out to our starting point for our walk, which was the South Kaibab trail head. This trail goes DOWN into G.C. valley. It is a descent of 4,683 ft in 6.3 miles. The warning sign says you are NOT to try and do this hike down to the river and back in one day...due to possible illness or death-yikes!! Good thing we are sticking to the paved walking path that almost totally goes around the South Rim of the G.C.

First glimpse of the AMAZING Grand Canyon...

Two basic types of paths, this newer one or the smaller one. Both these paths at many times are RIGHT on the edge of the canyon....

Where I stood to take the picture, is as close to the edge as I could get. You could actually walk right out to this little rock point. There are NO walls or fencing stopping you.It isn't the fall that will kill you, it's the sudden stop at the bottom of the canyon, on average 5,000 ft below you, that wil kill you!  Your safety is up to you!!

I told Doug that I would "try" to limit myself to posting 10 pictures. Most people have seen plenty of pictures of the Grand Canyon. There is just NO way possible to show it's size and to show how very small it makes one feel. The wind, at time, whistled through the trees and otherwise it was totally quiet. Starting at the far eastern walking point, for the most part, we were completely alone on the path. We walked about 7 kms total. It was amazing!! I will try and let the pictures do the talking. Remember, at ANY point, the edge is right there.  Just to give you a sense of scale, the North Rim that you see on the far side in these photos is, on average, 10 miles away!!!! 



The ultimate inukshuk...

Sometimes it is nice to have someone help you take a photo!!

At the Yavapai Point & Geology Muesum....

Water bottle fill station!

I can't believe he can stand this close....

Yup, there HAD to be a foot shot, right??

...wanna stand out on THAT point???

See the road down there? It is still miles across and further down to
get to the Colorado River...

So, that's it. I know, I know, this FAR exceeds my 10 picture attempt but you can't just sum it up in 10 pictures!!! 

The GOOD news is that on the way down to this cafe this morning (Tuesday), the lovely Miss Carolyn told us that we can stay again tonight and likely tomorrow too!!

Today (Tuesday) we are off to do the red route which takes us out to the western point. We will ride it all the way out, 11 kms, and then come back part way and get off. We figure that the walk today should be about 8 kms.....wanna come long? Bring your comfy shoes and water, lots of water!!

Watch for tonight's posting!!


  1. 11 kms...nothing to it... :-)

    We did the hike down to the river in 2005, slept overnight and hiked back out the next day. While we were doing that, we bumped into an old guy who was walking from the North Rim to the South Rim...in one day!

  2. We have been there numerous times, and each time we have the same reaction as you...UNBELIEVABLE!!!